Physics Launches New Series 5 Lab Courses

Physics 5BL and 5CL offer better exposure to experimental techniques

Thursday, July 20, 2017

As part of a university-wide initiative to strengthen the undergraduate experience, Berkeley Physics has launched a new laboratory curriculum as of Spring 2017. Designed specifically for freshmen interested in majoring in Physics, the new laboratory courses, Physics 5BL and Physics 5CL, offer students significantly better exposure to experimental physics techniques than the worksheet-based labs that are currently being used. These labs, soon to have a new permanent home in Birge Hall, are designed to prepare students for the upper division Instrumentation and Experimentation labs as well as undergraduate research and independent work. In addition, the labs also focus on sharpening students’ collaborative skills, encouraging discovery, and advanced learning for potential majors at the very start of their Cal career.

Download the Physics 5 Brochure here.