What is Research?

Physics Adds New Research Class for Undergraduates

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

What is Research?

Physics majors who are interested in experimental and theoretical physics have a new class offering starting Spring 2018. Physics 98/198 will outline which subfields are being researched at Berkeley, and what resources are available to help students find a research position. Find out the best way to connect with professors about research positions, and learn how research can apply to graduate school and careers after graduation.

Some of the presenters will include Joel Fajans, Marjorie Shapiro, Holger Mueller, Sydney Schreppler, and Robert Birgeneau.


Course description:

This class will be an introduction to experimental and theoretical research in the Department of Physics at UC Berkeley for undergraduate students.
It is designed for students who want to: 
- Learn the answer to: What is research?
- Learn about the many different fields of physics where undergraduates conduct research
- Learn about ways to contact professors or scientists to find a research position
- Know your resources: where do I look for positions? 
- Understand how research fits in with applying to graduate school (or work!) after your BA
- Meet other students in our community already engaged in or interested in finding research
- Build your social community at Berkeley
The class will have weekly presentations by faculty, postdocs, graduate and undergraduate students and scientists from nearby national laboratories such as the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) and the Space Sciences Laboratory (SSL). Meetings include discussions with invited speakers. Learn about the cutting-edge research taking place in Physics!


This is a one unit P/NP course. There will be no homework sets. Grading will be based on attendance and class participation.


Find this course listed in the Berkeley Academic Guide.