Professor Raphael Bousso Discusses Stephen Hawking & More

Monday, March 19, 2018

In this short video, physics professor Raphael Bousso discusses his relationship with the late physicist Stephen Hawking. Professor Bousso had been a doctoral student of Hawking's, and he talks about how, when he was a teenager, Hawking's books had drawn him into the study of cosmology and quantum gravity in the first place. And then, later, how inspiring Hawking had been as a teacher. He says: "You know, I'm a professor myself now, and I have my own students, and I'm very much aware that they need my time, they need my attention, and they need me to talk to them -- at least initially -- at a different level, compared to how I would talk to my colleagues and peers. And the advantage I had, working with Stephen, was not only that he understood this, as well. There was actually a huge advantage to him speaking slowly -- he had to talk through a computer synthesizer, it would take him time to put the words together, and you're sitting there as a young Ph.D. student, and you're relieved — you have time to think. The sentences aren't just flying past you. You have time to absorb the information and think about it, and hopefully not make a fool of yourself responding. So that was a huge advantage, actually, for us, and then the fact that Stephen needed us to do calculations — he was quite willing to spend a lot of time with his students."

Watch the video here.

Additional Interviews

This interview (17 minutes, audo only) on Top Of Mind on BYU radio, aired on March 21. Listen as Professor Bousso discusses his work with Stephen Hawking, as well as some of the physics being done here at UC Berkeley.

Big Picture Science published this interview on April 2, 2018. Here, Professor Bousso discusses the search for a single, unified description of all the phenomena in nature. It is part of a 4 part program called "Hawkingravity". Enjoy!