Vetri Velan Receives Graduate Instrumentation Research Award

Monday, April 30, 2018

The GIRA program aims to encourage and facilitate greater involvement of physics graduate students in significant instrumentation development, to boost recognition of instrumentation work as a vital part of PhD training, to foster growth of future HEP instrumentation experts in the US, and to strengthen university-lab ties on instrumentation development. GIRA has been established by the Coordination Panel for Advanced Detectors (CPAD), a standing committee of The Division of Particles and Fields of the American Physical Society.

Vetri Velan receives this award for “Measurement of Light and Heat Signal Yields in Superfluid 4He With Calorimetric Readout”. 


Additionally, earlier this year Vetri partnered with Kathy Shield, a fellow Cal student pursuing a Nuclear Engineering PhD to develop a tax calculator allowing any graduate student to determine their tax liability under the new House tax proposal. This allowed students to write and call their elected officials with specific information about the negative impact of the new tax bill. Their innovations were recognized with with a Congressional Record.

Congratulations Vetri!