Ehud Altman, Dung-Hai Lee Receive Moore Foundation Award

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Berkeley Physics is pleased to announce that Professors Ehud Altman and Dung-Hai Lee have received a significant award from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. 

The Moore Foundation Theory Center grant titled “Emergent Phenomena in Quantum Systems Theory Center” is part of the foundation’s Emergent Phenomena in Quantum Systems Initiative (EPiQS), which strives to deepen our understanding of the organizing principles that lead to emergent phenomena in solid materials and engineered structures. Scientists associated with this theory center will have opportunities to participate in EPiQS community-building activities, including EPiQS investigator symposia, other EPiQS-supported meetings, and the QuantEmX scientist exchange program.

Congratulations to Professors Altman and Lee!


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