Revealing What Cells Actually Look Like

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Berkeley's Advanced Bioimaging Center, led by assistant molecular and cell biology professor in residence Srigokul "Gokul" Upadhyayula, is profiled here for its cutting-edge work building imaging systems that will provide real-time video of living cells for biologists. Saying he is still in awe of the "microscopic universe inside each cell," he notes that the new imaging systems, called MOSAIC, employ two techniques -- lattice light-sheet microscopy and adaptive optics -- that were invented by physics professor and Nobel Laureate Eric Betzig. The techniques allow fluorescence imaging of living cells without killing them and remove the blurriness caused by surrounding cells and tissue, respectively. "Biology is probably one of the last human forefronts," Professor Upadhyayula says. "It's the age of exploration, but instead of looking out at the galaxies, we're looking at the galaxies inside the cells." Link to video. For more on this, see a recent faculty feature on Professor Upadhyayula at the Molecular and Cell Biology Department's website.

Watch the video below.

Robert Sanders
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