Poster Series Honors Influential Black Physicists

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Physics major Ana Lyons has creating posters of influential Black physicists in response to the recent plan of action agenda item to "raise the visibility of Black voices both in the Physics Department and in the field as a whole." Her motivation for making these posters was to contribute in some small way to that goal. 

The first 6 are all non-current-working physicists, and the recently completed final 6 are current-working physicists. Each of these 8.5" x 11" posters can be downloaded at print-quality by clicking on the thumbnails below.

Read an interview with Ana Lyons about her work on the posters in the Berkeley Lab News.


Non-Current-Working Physicists

Willie Hobbs Moore: First black woman to earn a PhD in physics

Harry Lee Morrison: UC Berkeley Professor of Theoretical Physics

Claudia Alexander: NASA Geophysicist and Project Manager

Elmer Samuel Imes: Internationally renowned experimentalist

Carolyn Parker: Manhattan Project physicist and mathematician

Edward Bouchet: First black man to earn a PhD in physics


Current-Working Physicists

Anya T. Arce, Professor of Physics, Duke University

Sylvester James Gates, Director of the Brown Theoretical Physics Center

Nadya Mason, Professor of Physics, University of Illinois

Nia Imara, Professor of Astronomy, UC Santa Cruz

Peter J. Delfyett, Professor of Optics, ECE, and Physics

Philip W. Phillips, Professor of Physics, University of Illinois