Quantum Computing with Trapped Ions

Monday, September 17, 2018 - 4:15pm
University of Maryland
Public Lecture: 


Individual atoms are standards for quantum information technology, acting as qubits that have unsurpassed levels of quantum coherence, can be replicated and scaled with the atomic clock accuracy, and allow near-perfect measurement. Atomic ions can be confined by silicon-based chip trays with lithographically-defined electrodes under high vacuum in a room temperature environment. Entangling quantum gate operations can be mediated with control laser beams, allowing the qubit connectivity graph to be reconfigured and optimally adapted to a given algorithm or mode of quantum computing. Existing work has shown >99.9% fidelity gate operations, fully-connected control with up to about 10 qubits, and quantum simulations over 50 qubits. I will speculate on combining all this into a single universal quantum computing device that can be co-designed with future quantum applications and scaled to useful dimensions.