The Berkeley Applied Nuclear Physics Program

Monday, October 14, 2019 - 4:15pm
Room #1 LeConte Hall
UC Berkeley
Public Lecture: 

From revolutionizing the way we detect and visualize (nuclear) radiation to enhancing community resilience

Our Berkeley Applied Nuclear Physics Program aims at developing concepts and technologies to address outstanding questions ranging from fundamental physics to medicine and nuclear security and safety. Recent developments in radiation detection and imaging in combination with the enormous advances in computer vision and data processing enable unprecedented capabilities in the detection, mapping, and visualization of radiological and nuclear materials even in complex environments. We have developed a new concept called 3-D Scene Data Fusion that allows us to map scenes in three dimensions and to fuse them with nuclear radiation data in near real time while moving through these scenes. This concept provides new means to visualize radiation relevant not only for experts and operators but in the communication with the public. Results from measurements in the Fukushima Prefecture and Chernobyl will be shown to illustrate the power of the new concept. I will conclude with a brief discussion of our Berkeley Radwatch and DoseNet activities to engage with the next generation.