Past Dissertations

Past Dissertations

Physics Ph.D. Degrees - Fall 2014

Natania Antler
Adviser: Irfan Siddiqi
Superconducting Nanobridge SQUID Magnetometer for Spin Sensing

Peter Battaglino
Adviser: Michael DeWeese
Minimum Probability Flow Learning: A New Method for Fitting Probabilistic Models

Jeffrey Birenbaum
Adviser: John Clarke
The C-shunt Flu Qubit: a New Generation of Superconducting Flux Quibit

Joshua Burkhart
Adviser: Eliot Quataert
Tides in Close Binary Systems

Tom Griffin
Adviser:  Petr Horava
Lifshitz Holography

Austin Hedeman
Adviser: Robert Littlejohn
Semiclassical Analysis of Fundamental Amplitudes in Loop Quantum Gravity

Geena Kim
Adviser: Holger Mueller
A New Laser Cooling Method for Lithium Atom Interferometry

Hanhan Li
Advisers: Birgitta Whaley and Irfan Siddiqi
Circuit-QED and Quantum Feedback Control

G. Edward Marti
Adviser: Dan Stamper-Kurn
Scalar and Spinor Excitations in a Ferromagnetic Bose-EInstein Condensatel

Ana Ovcharova
Adviser: Marjorie Shapiro
Measurement of the top quark pair differential cross-section at high top quark transverse momentum in 8 TeV proton-proton collision data collected with the ATLAS detector at the LHC

Christopher Smallwood
Adviser: Alessandra Lanzara
Time- and Angle-resolved Photoemission Studies of Cuprate Superconductor

Chukman So
Adviser: Jonathan Wurtele
Antiproton and positron dynamics in antihydrogen production

Alexander Sood
Adviser: Beate Heinemann
Evidence for the production of two W bosons with the same electric charge and two jets in 20.3 fb−1 of pp collisions at s√=8 TeV using the ATLAS detector

Brian Steinbach
Adviser: Adrian Lee
Measurement of the B-mode power spectrum with POLAR BEAR

Liang Zheng Tan
Adviser: Steven Louie
Electronic and vibrational properties of two-dimensional materials constructed from graphene and molecular components

Yang Wang
Adviser: Michael Crommie                                                                                                        Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Study of Graphene Electronic Nanostructures

Stephen Weber
Adviser: Irfan Siddiqi
Quantum Trajectories of a Superconducting Qubit

Benjamin Westbrook
Adviser: Adrian Lee
Studies of the Cosmos Using Spiderweb Absorber Transition Edge Sensor

Michael Zaletel
Adviser: Joel Moore
Exact Tensor Network Ansatz for Strongly Interacting Systems


Physics Ph.D. Degrees - Spring 2015

Aaron Bradley
Adviser: Michael Crommie
Local Probe Investigation of the Electronic Structure of Molecule-Based and Transition-Metal-Based Low Dimensional Systems using Cryogenic Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Spectroscopy

Yichen Huang
Adviser: Joel Moore
Classical Simulation of Quantum Many-Body Systems

Long Ju
Adviser: Feng Wang
Optical Spectroscopy of Two Dimensional Graphene and Boron Nitride

Pauli Kehayias
Advisers: Holger Mueller and Dmitry Budker
Exploring Basic Properties and Applications of Nitrogen-Vacancy Color Centers in Diamond

Jonghwan Kim
Adviser: Feng Wang
Probing Light-Matter Interactions in Atomically Thin 2D Material

Itamar Kimchi
Adviser: Ashvin Vishwanath
Spin-Orbit Coupled Quantum Magnetism in the 3D-Honeycomb Iridates

Xiaochuan Lu
Adviser: Hitoshi Murayama
Aspects of Particle Physics Beyond the Standard Model

Christopher Macklin
Adviser: Irfan Siddiqi
Quantum Feedback and Traveling-wave Parametric Amplification in Superconducting Circuits

Jonathan Ouellet
Adviser: Yury Kolomensky
The Search for Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay in Tellurium 130 with CUORE-0

Alexander Povilus
Adviser: Joel Fajans
Cyclotron-Cavity Mode Resonant Cooling in Single Component Electron Plasmas

Haruki Watanabe
Adviser: Ashvin Vishwanath
Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking in Nonrelativistic Systems

Jianbo Xie
Adviser: Edgar Knobloch
Twisted Chimera States and Multi-Core Spiral Chimera States on a Two-Dimension Torus