Past Dissertations

Past Dissertations

Physics Ph.D. Degrees - Spring 2017

Yasaman Bahri
Adviser: Ashvin Vishwanath
Quantum Phenomena in Interacting Many-Body Systems: Topological Protection, Localization, and Non-Fermi Liquids

Raymond Co
Adviser: Lawrence Hall
Implications for Dark Matter from Supersymmetric Axion Cosmology

Zachary Fisher
Adviser: Raphael Bousso
Entropy Bounds and Entanglement

Casey Glick
Advisers: Liwei Lin and Bob Jacobsen
Microfluidic Circuitry via Additive Manufacturing

Dylan Gorman
Adviser: Hartmut Haeffner
Noise sensing and quantum simulation with trapped atomic ions

Chenhao Jin
Adviser: Feng Wang
Engineering Low Dimensional Materials with van der Waals Interaction

Felipe H. da Jornada
Adviser: Steven Louie
Quasiparticle and Optical Properties of Quasi-two-dimensional Systems

Jesse Livezey
Adviser: Michael DeWeese
Learning and Inferring Representations of Data in Neural Networks

Zhongyuan Lu
Advisers: Sayeef Salahuddin and Irfan Siddiqi
Two Dimensional Transistors with Non-volatile Functionalities

Claire Thomas
Adviser: Dan Stamper-Kurn
Quantum Simulation of Triangular, Honeycomb and Kagome Crystal Structures using Ultracold Atoms in Lattices of Laser Light

Dayton Thorpe
Advisers: Phillip Geissler and Ashvin Vishwanath
Fluctuations in Supercooled Fluids and Ionic Solutions

Phuongmai Truong
Advisers: Leo Blitz and Adrian Lee
High-Resolution Velocity Fields of Low-Mass Disk Galaxies

Melanie Veale
Advisers: Chung-Pei Ma and Martin White
One Bird, Several Stones: Investigating Massive Galaxies via Stellar Kinematics, Environment, and Quasar Demographics

Dillon Wong
Adviser: Michael Crommie
Tuning Electrostatic Potentials for Imaging the Quantum Properties of Massless Dirac Fermions in Graphene

Ziqi Yan
Adviser: Petr Horava
Nonrelativistic Naturalness in Aristotelian Quantum Field Theories

Physics Ph.D. Degrees - Fall 2016

Bradley Axen
Adviser: Beate Heinemann
A Search for Long-Lived, Charged, Supersymmetric Particles using Ionization with the ATLAS Detector

W. Todd Doughty
Adviser: Bernard Sadoulet
SuperCDMS Soudan High Threshold WIMP Search

Brian Estey
Adviser: Holger Muller
Precision Measurement in Atom Interferometry Using Bragg Diffraction

Len Evans
Adviser: Jonathan Wurtele
Phenomenology of creation of antihydrogen and measurement of antihydrogen properties

Tova Holmes
Adviser: Beate Heinemann
A Search for Supersymmetry in Events with a Z Boson, Jets, and Missing Transverse Energy in pp Collisions with sqrt(s)=13 TeV with the ATLAS Detector

Sandra Miarecki
Advisers: Spencer Klein and Marjorie Shapiro 
Earth versus Neutrinos: Measuring the total muon-neutrino-to-nucleon cross section at ultra-high energies through differential Earth absorption of muon neutrinos from cosmic rays using the IceCube Detector 

Soenke Moller
Adviser: Hartmut Haeffner
How to couple trapped ions to superconducting resonators: towards hybrid quantum devices

Mollie Schwartz
Adviser: Irfan Siddiqi
Engineering Dissipation to Generate Entanglement Between Remote Superconducting Quantum Bits

Ananth Sridhar
Advisers: Nicolai Reshetikhin and Yasunori Nomura
Limit Shapes in the Six Vertex Model

Physics Ph.D. Degrees - Spring 2016

Jacquelyn Brosamer
Advisr: Marjorie Shapiro

Measurement of jets produced in top quark events using the emu final state with 2 b-tagged jets in pp collisions at 8 TeV with the ATLAS detector

Robert Clarke
Adviser: Marjorie Shapiro
A Search for Lepton-Flavor-Violating Decays of the 125 GeV Higgs Boson with Hadronically Decaying Tau Leptons in the 20.3 fb^{-1}, \sqrt{s} = 8 TeV Dataset Collected in 2012 by the ATLAS Detector at the Large Hadron Collider 

Philipp Dumitrescu
Adviser: Ashvin Vishwanath
 Strongly Correlated Electron Systems Near Criticality: From Nodal Semimetals to High-Temperature Superconductors

Aidin Fathalizadeh
Adviser: Alex Zettl
Synthesis, Characterization, and Fabrication of Boron Nitride and Carbon Nanomaterials, their Applications, and the Extended Pressure Inductively Coupled Plasma Synthesis of Boron Nitride Nanotubes

Punit Gandhi
Adviser: Edgar Knobloch
Localized States in Driven Dissipative Systems with Time-Periodic Modulation

Jason Horng
Adviser: Feng Wang
Exploring Graphene Physics for Optical Sensing

Daniel Lecoanet
Adviser: Eliot Quataert
Internal Wave Generation by Convection 

Dan Mainemer Katz
Adviser: Raphael Bousso
Neutrino Masses in the Landscape and Global-Local Dualities in Eternal Inflation

Sarah Marzen
Adviser: Michael DeWeese
Bio-inspired problems in rate-distortion theory

Kevin O’Brien
Advisers: Xiang Zhang and Feng Wang
Nonlinear Light-Matter Interactions in Metamaterials

Arran Phipps
Adviser: Bernard Sadoulet
Ionization Collection in Detectors of the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search

Alex Roberts
Adviser: Yasunori Nomura
Higgs Physics and Cosmology

Nathaniel Roth
Adviser: Daniel Kasen
Modeling the Observational Signatures and Feeding of Super-massive Black Holes using Monte Carlo Radiative Transfer

Sydney Schreppler
Adviser: Dan Stamper-Kurn
Quantum Measurement with Atomic Cavity Optomechanics

Josiah Schwab
Adviser: Eliot Quataert
The Long-Term Outcomes of Double White Dwarf Mergers

Ali S. Tan
Adviser: Zi Qiang Qiu
Interface and Topology in Magnetism

Chayut Thanapirom
Adviser: Michael DeWeese
Neural Representation Learning with Denoising Autoencoder Framework

Sean J. Weinberg
Adviser: Yasunori Nomura
Fixing Gauge Redundancies in Quantum Gravity 

Elena Zhivun
Adviser: Dmitry Budker
Vector AC Stark shift in 133Cs atomic magnetometers with antirelaraxion

Physics Ph.D. Degrees - Fall 2015

Miguel Daal
Adviser: Bernard Sadoulet
Kinetic Inductance Detectors for Dark Matter Searches

Michele Kotiuga
Adviser: Jeffrey Neaton
Charge Transport in Molecular Junctions: A Study of Level-Alignment, Thermoelectric Properties, and Environmental Effects

Ryan Olf
Adviser: Dan Stamper-Kurn
Creating, imaging, and exploiting collective excitations of a multicomponent Bose-Einstein condensate

Cory Schillaci
Adviser: Wick Haxton
Effective Theories in Few-Body Physics

Bo Zeng
Adviser: Feng Wang
Manipulating Light with Nano-Photonic Structures