Past Dissertations

Past Dissertations

Physics Ph.D. Degrees - Fall 2013

Badr Albanna
Adviser: Michael DeWeese
Bounds on the Entropy of a Binary System with Known Mean and Pairwise Constraints

Steven Anton
Adviser: John Clarke
Magnetic flux noise in SQUIDs and qubits

Marcelo Baquero-Ruiz
Adviser: Joel Fajans
Studies on the Neutrality of Antihydrogen

Timur  Bazhirov
Adviser: Marvin Cohen
First-principles Studies of Electron-Phonon Superconductivity and Beyond

Calvin Berggren
Advisers: Christian Bauer and Lawrence Hall
High Precision Monte Carlo Event Generation for Particle Colliders

Jonathan Blazek
Adviser: Uros Seljak
Probing large-scale structure with intrinsic alignments and galaxy clustering

Gil Young Cho
Adviser: Joel Moore
Quantum field theoretic descriptions of topological phases in two and three dimensions

Sangkook Choi
Adviser: Steven Louie
First-principles calculations and model Hamiltonian approaches to electronic and optical properties of defects, interfaces and nanostructures

Joel Corbo
Advisers: Birgitta Whaley and Dmitry Budker
Quantum Monte Carlo Simulations of Ultracold Bosons in a Double Well

Sharif Corinaldi
Adviser: Michael DeWeese
Hopfield nets: Novel uses in Neuroscience and Machine Learning

Hannah Fakhouri
Adviser: Saul Perlmutter
Supernova Ia Spectra and Spectrophotometric Time Series: Recognizing Twins and the Consequences for Cosmological Distance Measurements

Elizabeth George
Adviser: William Holzapfel
A polarization sensitive bolometer array for the South Pole Telescope and measurements of Cosmic Microwave Background secondary anisotropies

Edward “Ned” Henry
Adviser: Irfan Siddiqi
Development of a Silicon Semiconductor Quantum Dot Qubit with Dispersive Microwave Readout

Stephan Hoyer
Advisers: Birgitta Whaley and Joel Moore
Understanding and manipulating electronic quantum coherence in photosynthetic light-harvesting

Pei-Chen Kuan
Adviser: Holger Mueller
Compton clock and recoil frequency measurements using a large momentum transfer atom interferometer

Eli Levenson-Falk
Adviser: Irfan Siddiqi
Static and Microwave Transport Properties of Aluminum Nanobridge Josephson Junctions

Andrew Myers
Advisers: Richard Klein and Christopher McKee
Numerical Investigations of Star Formation and Interstellar Clouds

Daniel Perez-Becker
Advisers: Eugene Chiang and Christopher McKee
From Dust to Dust: Protoplanetary Disk Accretion, Hot Jupiter Climates, and the Evaporation of Rocky Planets

Michael Rousseas
Adviser: Alex Zettl
Structure, Mechanics and Synthesis of Nanoscale Carbon and Boron Nitride

Allen Sussman
Adviser: Alex Zettl
Exploring the electronic, vibrational, and chemical sensing properties of graphene, nanotubes, nanoparticles, and other nanomaterials

Aritoki Suzuki
Adviser: Adrian Lee
Multichroic Bolometric Detector Architecture for Cosmic Microwave Background Polarimetry Experiment 


Physics Ph.D. Degrees - Spring 2014

Yen-Chia Chen
Adviser: Michael Crommie
Exploring Graphene Nanoribbons Using Scanning Probe Microscopy and Spectroscopy

James Hinton
Adviser: Joseph Orenstein
Quasiparticle Coherence, Collective Modes, and Competing Order in Cuprate Semiconductors

Xiaoping Hong
Adviser: Feng Wang
Optical Spectroscopy at the Nanoscale

Grant Larsen
Adviser: Yasunori Nomura
Towards Understanding Fine-Tuning in Fundamental Physics

Mathew Leonard
Adviser: Michael DeWeese
Working memory and choice encoding in medial prefrontal cortex of rats performing a spatial double alternation task

Jacob Lynn
Adviser: Eliot Quataert
Heating and Acceleration of Charged Particles by Weakly Compressible Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence

Nathan Moore
Adviser: Ori Ganor
String Theory, Chern-Simons Theory and the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect

Ivan Pechenezhskiy
Adviser: Michael Crommie
Photomechanical Response of Molecular Nanostructures

David Pinner
Adviser: Lawrence Hall
Naturalness, Dark Matter, and Unification with a 125 GeV Higgs

Thaned Pruttivarasin
Adviser: Hartmut Haeffner
Spectroscopy, fundamental symmetry tests and quantum simulation with trapped ions

Michael Ramm
Adviser: Hartmut Haeffner
Quantum Correlations and Energy Transport in Trapped Ions

Joshua Renner
Adviser: James Siegrist
High Pressure Xenon Detectors for Rare Physics Searches

Vladimir Rosenhaus
Adviser: Raphael Bousso
The Holographic Principle and the Emergence of Spacetime

Sheng-Min Shih
Adviser: Ahmet Yildiz
Single-Molecule Studies of Intraflagellar Transport in Chlamydomonas

Sheng-Yu Darren Shih
Adviser: Bruno Zumino
A Contemporary Study in Gauge Theory and Mathematical Physics: Holomorphic Anomaly in Gauge Theory on ALE Space and Freudenthal Gauge Theory

Sebastian Wickenburg
Adviser: Michael Crommie
Imaging Individual Chemical Bonds and Tuning Singe-Molecule Charge States at Surfaces

Patrick Zulkowski
Adviser: Michael DeWeese
The Geometry of Thermodynamic Control