Arthur Rosenfeld (E)

Arthur Rosenfeld (E)

Professor Emeritus

Research Area(s): Condensed Matter Physics And Materials ScienceParticle Physics


Professor of Physics, UC Berkeley, since 1957, Emeritus since 1994.Ph.D. from University of Chicago, 1954, under Enrico Fermi. Senior Staff at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory from 1955-73. Experimental particle physics with Alvarez Group, founded International Particle Data Group (LBL/CERN), 1974. Switched to applied physics, efficient use of energy. Co-founded LBL Energy Efficient Buildings Program, 1980. Director, Center for Building Science "CBS" at LBL. Retired in 1994 from UC to become Senior Advisor to the DoE Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, Washington D.C. Appointed member of the State Energy Resources and Development Commission in 2000 by Governor Davis. Director, Center for Energy and Climate Solution, a non-profit agency. Received the 2006 Enrico Fermi Prize.

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