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Below are some of the most recent articles, video clips and announcements involving the Physics Department and its faculty. Please see the "Article Archive" for a complete list.


June 26, 2014
"Not Much Force: Berkeley Researchers Detect Smallest Force Ever Measured"
Sydney Schreppler, Dan Stamper-Kurn, Nicolas Spethman part of team that detected the smallest force ever measured

read Science World Report here


July 4, 2014
"Bruno Zumino Dies at 91; Sought to Tie Together Laws of the Universe"
Dr. Zumino developed supersymetry with Julius Wess at CERN

read New York Times artlcle here


June 12, 2014
"Frances Hellman to head L&S Division of Mathematical and Physical Sciences"
Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost makes announcement.

read UC Berkeley News Center Article here

May 29, 2014
"No evidence for or against gravitational waves"
Uros Seljak weighs in on findings.

read 'Nature' article here

'The Independant' article here


April 12, 2014
"Fun With Physics"
Bob Jacobsen wow's the audience with his presentation of "Fun With Physics" on CalDay

view webcast here



April 19, 2014
"We Mapped the Embryonic Universe"
The Nobel-winning scientist who proved that the big bang created the cosmos

the guardian article



April 2, 2014
Does Antimatter Fall Up Or Down?
Holger Mueller explains new device that may provide an answer

Huffington Post article



March 17, 2014
Searching for and Finding Evidence of Inflation
Professor Adrian Lee Comments on the Big News

Washington Post article




February 19, 2014
NuSTAR takes first peek into core of supernova
NuSTAR investigator Steve Boggs discusses new imaging techniques

Berkeley News Center article



March 6, 2014
Using Carbon to Control Light
Assistant Professor Feng Wang discusses properties of graphene

Berkeley Research article



March 5, 2014
Late Physics Professor Bob Lin discusses NASA's MAVEN spacecraft's mission
MAVEN Studies atmosphere on Mars

Goddard Multimedia Article

Video here


August 12, 2013
A Black Hole Mystery Wrapped in a Firewall Paradox
This time, they say, Einstein might really be wrong.

New York Times article




April 30, 2013
"Time Crystals" Could Upend Physicists' Theory of Time
Berkeley group receives grant to conduct research

Wired Magazine article




May 30, 2013
Mike Crommie part of team to capture first images of molecules before and after reaction
Scientists have taken the first atom-by-atom pictures.

Popsci Article
Wired Magazine article
Red Orbit news article



May 3, 2013
Berkeley professors explore gravity's effects on antimatter
Professors Joel Fajans and Jonathan Wurtele lead the ALPHA collaboration at CERN

Science Friday article
Los Angeles Times article



March 31, 2013
Edgar Knobloch elected Fellow if SIAM
For contributions to pattern formation and nonlinear dynamics, bifurcation theory and fluid dynamics

SIAM Fellows 2013




March 12, 2013
Gabriel Orebi Gann Featured
Department of Energy Highlights Orebi Gann in Profile of Lab Researchers

Energy.Gov article




March 7, 2013
Long Predicted Atomic Collapse State Observed in Graphene
Michael Crommie one of lab researchers to recreate elusive phenomenon with artificial nuclei

Berkeley Lab News Center article



March 4, 2013
Donald Glaser Dies at 86
1960 Physics Nobel Prize Winner invented the bubble chamber

New York Times article




December 21, 2012
Obama honors Nation's Top Scientists and Innovators
Art Rosenfeld amongst those honored

The Whitehouse Article