Equity & Inclusion

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Statement of Commitment to Equity and Inclusion

All individuals in the Department of Physics have the right to work and learn together in an environment free of harassment, exploitation, or intimidation. We seek to establish a classroom culture that nurtures the physics identity and remove barriers to entry in order to strengthen pathways into the field.  Setting students on a path to envision themselves with a PhD in physics  in greater numbers ensures more diverse graduating classes, more diverse graduate programs, and in turn has the potential to inspire a new generation of physicists. We strive to ensure these ideals are the core of our culture.

Video: Promoting Equity and Inclusion in STEM Teaching and Learning

Promoting Equity and Inclusion in STEM Teaching and Learning

Chandralecha Singh of University of Pittsburgh delivered this lecture to the Berkeley Physics community on the topic of "How to Enhance Physics by Making it More Inclusive" on Friday, June 16, 2023.

UC Berkeley & Physics Codes of Conduct

Berkeley Physics students are expected to adhere to all aspects of the University's Student Code of Conduct.

In addition, the Physics Department has adopted additional policies and procedures to address potential harassment issues within the department, which are summarized in the Physics Student Code of Conduct.

Faculty are expected to adhere to the university's Faculty Code of Conduct.

Department Statement on Harassment and Discrimination

To achieve its mission, the Department of Physics is committed to enforcing the University’s policies on nondiscrimination, sexual harassment and sexual violence, sexual misconduct, and appropriate conduct. The Department of Physics and the Physics community at UC Berkeley will not tolerate unlawful discrimination or harassment in any form and will work aggressively with campus to provide immediate access to the resources necessary to support individuals who feel they are victims of unlawful harassment and/or discrimination.

View Resources on Sexual Harassment

View FAQ on Sexual Harassment

View Berkeley Physics Faculty Statement on Sexual Harassment

View M&PS statement on an Equitable, Inclusive Environment

Physics Strategic Plan for E&I

You can learn more about the Physics Department's strategy for E&I by visiting this document.

Berkeley Physics welcomes your comments on the department's working Strategic Plan for Equity & Inclusion for 23-24. The Berkeley Physics E&I Committee plans to dedicate a town hall gathering in Spring 2024 to collecting community feedback on this one year plan, with the intention of updating it. If you have questions or comments about this plan, please contact Prof. Raul Briceno at rbriceno@berkeley.edu.

Reporting Intolerance 

You may bring your concerns about any climate issue (bullying, bias, inequities, exclusion) to our Equity Advisor Professor Ori Ganor (ganor@berkeley.edu) or Director of Administration, Roia Ferrazares (roia@berkeley.edu). See also our FAQ on Sexual Harassment for those specific reporting resources.

You may provide an anonymous question or comment through our Climate Feedback Form button below. These are read by Roia and Professor (and Equity Advisor) Ori Ganor.

You may file a report anonymously or by name on the UC Systemwide Intolerance Reporting Form.

You may also choose to file a report with UCPD in 1 Sproul Hall (510) 642-6760 (non-emergency) if you experience or observe a Hate Crime.

Support Our E&I Efforts

Give to the Physics Equity and Inclusion Programs and Initiatives Fund and the Physics Graduate Student Equity & Inclusion Fund.

Take part in a Physics First Friday Anti-Racism workshop, held five times a year as part of our We are Berkeley Physics Campaign.

Join a discussion or reading group on a DEI topic. Contact Roia for more information (roia@berkeley.edu).

Become a mentor. Consider supporting a person who is at an earlier stage of their physics journey. Look for the PA Scholars registration form that will be emailed to all physics majors at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters, and/or inquire directly with the following physics student organizations: Society of Physics Students (SPS), Society of Women in the Physical Sciences (SWPS), ULAB, and Compass. Mentoring opportunities for physics graduate students are offered through SWPS, Compass, and the Physics Directed Reading Program (PDRP). More information about all of these physics student organizations can be found here.

Speak up at a Townhall. Townhall events for undergraduates, graduate students and for postdocs are held once each semester and are announced on our listservs. Offer solutions and take part in implementing them.

Learn more about our equity & inclusion initiatives by reading our E&I Strategic Plan.

Have an idea you want to support? Send it to us via the Climate Feedback Form button at the bottom of this page.

Physics Committee on Equity and Inclusion

The 23-24 Equity and Inclusion Committee has the following membership:

Adrian Van Kan (Postdoc)
Ahmed Abdalla (G)
Barbara Jacak (Faculty)
Bashi Mandava (G)
Bob Birgeneau (Faculty)
Cristian Panda (Postdoc)
Espe Munoz-Riddle (Staff)
Joseph Koplowitz (UG)
Marjani Jones (Staff)
Ori Ganor (Faculty)
Paulina Umansky (UB)
Raul Briceno (Faculty), Committee Chair
Roia Ferrazares (Staff)
Ya Wen Chuang (Lecturer)

Physics E&I Committee Meeting Summaries

Physics Climate Surveys

Every other year the Department of Physics conducts its own climate survey. The purpose of climate surveys is to assess the daily experience of being in our department and identify the drivers that make their experience positive or negative. The last climate survey was held in Fall of 2022. The 2020 climate survey report can be viewed here. The response rate to the 2022 climate survey can be viewed here. The survey report is still forthcoming.

Physics Department Community Principles

Our Community Principles were developed by students, faculty, staff and alumni to affirm and guide personal and collective behavior for the department community.

*We Value Every Person
*We Are Respectful
*We Learn Together
*We Speak Up
*We Strive to be Transparent

For details, visit the Community Principles webpage.
Stop by the main office in 366 Physics North and ask for a set of Community Principles collectible cards.