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Title: KamLAND: A Decade Of Pure And Applied Neutrino Science    (Colloquia)
Start Date: 02/27/2012
Time: 4:15 pm
Location: 1 LeConte Hall
Speaker: Stuart Freedman
Contact Person: Sarah Wittmer   (510) 642-3034

In the face of overwhelmingly negative guidance from many theorists an experiment called KamLAND, designed to search for neutrino mass, motivated by the possibility of large flavor mixing might explain the “Solar Neutrino Problem” was initiated in the late 90’s.  “KamLAND” began data taking in 2002 and the initial “long-baseline-reactor” phase of the experiment was completed in late 2011.  To many peoples surprise KamLAND discovered what it was searching for, and even more.  I will discuss some of the accomplishments of KamLAND which includes: the most precise available determinations of particular neutrino parameters, a proof of the large-mixing-angle solution to the Solar Neutrino Problem, the most direct experimental evidence of the neutrino-oscillation effect, and recently, a measurement of the geo-anti-neutrino flux with implications for the heat budget of the Earth’s interior.