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Job Category: Staff
Job Title: Director Of Administration
Department: Academic Office
Closing Date: 11/30/-0001

Director of Administration
Department of Physics
Administrative Manager 2

The Department of Physics is recruiting for a full-time Director of Administration.  Physics is the largest department in the L&S Division of Mathematical and Physical Sciences.  It is ranked as one of the top physics departments in the world, with excellence in research, teaching, and service to the community all highly valued.  The department has 80 ladder and active emeriti faculty, 60 career and casual staff, and 300 lecturers, teaching assistants, readers, research personnel, postdocs, fellowship recipients, and visiting scholars.  It enrolls 250 graduate students, 250 undergraduate majors, and over 7,000 students in its courses, many with laboratory sections.  Its faculty fully participates in teaching and administration and conducts world-class research in campus, local, national, and international laboratories and sites; research activities require active financial arrangements with organizations such as Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. Physics manages 3 distinct campus buildings in its facilities complex with 240,000 assignable square feet, and it also houses and provides services to several research centers, the Physics Library, and multiple research laboratories with varying physical environments.  It has an active fundraising program.


This position directs the administrative support of the Department, its faculty, staff and students.   The Department believes strongly in being supportive of and respectful to staff while also requiring excellence in performance and service to our Physics and extended community. The campus is currently undergoing a campus-wide, major reorganization as it establishes Shared Service Centers for finance, research administration, human resources and IT, and it is also actively engaged in other initiatives, including the roll-out of a new budgeting system.  This setting provides an opportunity to create new administrative structures that will support the continued excellence of this traditionally great department, while responding to changes in the campus.

For additional information, refer to the full job description, and current organizational chart.