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Title: Best Of Berkeley Daily Californian Reader-Voted Class: Physics For Future Presidents
Date: 04/17/2008
Publication: Daily Californian
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The Best of Berkeley is the Daily Californianís annual reader-voted contest to find the best people, places, and businesses in Berkeley.

Best Class: Physics for Future Presidents

Alina Xu

A course designed to make physics understandable to the less math- and science-inclined among us sounds potentially disastrous, but in the competent hands of Professor Richard Muller, the subject isnít dumbed down so much as rendered in a fascinating way with meaningful connections to the real world. Mullerís dedication to teaching, expert knowledge of the subject and genuine concern for his students are obvious Ė though heís not averse to informing the class on April Foolís Day that their collective grades will be lowered in accordance with a department crackdown on grade inflation. For humanities and social science majors, thereís no better way to fulfill that pesky physical science breadth requirement; for everyone else, itís science from a compelling new perspective.