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CalNet Authentication System
CalNet is a unified campus-wide directory service and authentication infrastructure. CalNet IDs are mandatory for authentication on many campus web sites and for getting acces to other computing systems such as CalMail or WMF labs. This web site should walk you through the process of creating your CalNet ID.

Socrates is Unix server that provides computational software, web publishing, file service, email and general UNIX computing for the Berkeley Campus. Mathematical and Statistical software is also available for use. It is run by the campus Information Systems and Technology. An online account application is available on the Socrates web site.

The Millennium Project
The UC Berkeley Millennium Project aims to develop and deploy a hierarchical campus-wide "cluster of clusters" to support advanced applications in scientific computing, simulation, and modelling. This experimental computer cluster consists of nearly a thousand computers, granted by Intel as part of its Technology 2000 program which makes it a valuable computational resource for research. The on-line application for a Millennium account is available on the project website.

Workstation & Microcomputer Facilities
The WMF provides general access and instructional computer labs with Macintosh and PC computers and laser printets at several locations around campus. Anyone with a CalNet ID should be able to use them.

Home IP Modem service
The Home IP service is a shared service allowing UC Berkeley faculty, staff and students to access Campus Network and Internet Resources from their computers, at home and in the field, over standard telephone lines using high-speed modems.

AirBears is a wireless LAN project that became available in a few selected locations around campus. It enables one to connect to the campus network using a laptop equipped with a wireless Ethernet card.

Software Distribution
WMF's Software Distribution negotiates favorable deals for certain popular software packages and takes care their distribution to the campus community. See their web site for contact information and the list of currently offered software packages.

Free Software
The Workstation Software Support Group (WSSG) provides free software for the campus community on this site. Most of the software products are updates to the software distributed on the Connecting@Berkeley CD. Software download requires a CalNet ID. They distribute mostly Macintosh and Windows software. Among software packages that they distribute are anti-virus programs for Macs and Windows and Unix connectivity tools for Windows such as the Secure Shell client (SSH) and an X11 server (Exceed) which may be useful to people connecting to Unix systems.

The Scholar's Workstation Computer Store
TSW sells academically discounted computer hardware and software. In addition, they offer vendor-authorized computer and printer repair services, including pickup and delivery service for departments.
This web site is a comprehensive guide to the UC Berkeley campus computing resources.