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Physics @ Berkeley
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Condensed Matter & Materials Sciences Print E-mail

Berkeley boasts a large community of researchers in condensed matter physics and materials science with diverse interests, both on campus and at the nearby Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL). Experimental research with both basic and applied components includes conventional and high-temperature superconductivity, semiconductor physics, superfluidity and low temperature physics, magnetism, surface science, the quantized Hall effect, physics of nano-structures, optical properties of solids, liquid crystals, magnetic resonance, new spectroscopies, the development of new materials, and environmental physics. Theoretical efforts include the calculation of electronic and vibrational properties of solids, statistical mechanics of phase transitions, and many-body physics of interacting Fermi and Bose systems, including magnetism and superconductivity. Nanofabrication facilities such as the U.C. Berkeley Atomic, Nanoscale, and Quantum Characterization Facility on campus, at LBNL, and the Molecular Foundry, are additional resources for researchers in this area.

Physics Faculty 

James Analytis
Robert J. Birgeneau

John Clarke
Michael F. Crommie
Robert C. Dynes
Naomi Ginsberg
Erwin L. Hahn (E)
Frances Hellman
Alessandra Lanzara
Joseph W. Orenstein
Richard E. Packard (E)
Zi-Qiang Qiu
R. Ramesh
Charles V. Shank (E)
Y. Ron Shen (E)
Irfan Siddiqi
Feng Wang
Peter Yu (E)
Alex K. Zettl

Marvin L. Cohen (E)
Charles Kittel (E)
Dung-Hai Lee
Steven G. Louie
Joel E. Moore

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Ashvin Vishwanath

E = Emeritus

Special facilities and activities include:
Material Sciences Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory