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Title: Crisis Looms As Berkeley Lab’s Last Main Road Is Named For Nobelist Perlmutter
Date: 10/15/2012
Publication: Berkeley News Center Article
Editor: Paul Preuss
Extended Text:

There may be billions of stars up in the sky but there are no more full-length streets left at Berkeley Lab to be named after Nobel Prize winners. After Oct. 13, they’ve all been used up. When it comes to road names, the Lab’s future Nobelists may face a serious road shortage.

At the Lab’s Open House this past Saturday, the last remaining unnamed main road was christened for the 2011 Nobel Prize winner in Physics, Saul Perlmutter.

Perlmutter Road is the latest to be named for Nobelists affiliated with Berkeley Lab, twelve individuals in all, including Alvarez Road, Calvin Road, Chamberlain Road, Chu Road, Glaser Road, Lawrence Road, Lee Road, McMillan Road, Seaborg Road, Segrè Road, and Smoot Road.

“We’ve heard how much you appreciate the parking place UC Berkeley gave you down on campus,” said Berkeley Lab Director Paul Alivisatos to Perlmutter during the unveiling event, “but at Berkeley Lab we give you the whole street.”

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