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Robert Dynes received his BS degree from the University of Western Ontario in 1964. He received this MS degree in 1965 and PhD degree in 1968 from Mc Master University. He is an expert on semiconductors and superconductors, is the 18th president of the University of California, assuming those responsibilities in 2003. Since 1996, he had served as chancellor of UCís San Diego campus. Dynes went to UC San Diego in 1991 after a 22-year career at AT&T Bell Laboratories, where he served as department head of semiconductor and material physics research and director of chemical physics research. His numerous scientific honors include the 1990 Fritz London Award in Low Temperature Physics and his 2001 election to the Council of the National Academy of Sciences, a society to which he was elected in 1989. He joined the Physics faculty in 2004.
Robert C Dynes
Research: Condensed Matter Physics And Materials Science
Campus Office:
311 Birge
Phone: (510) 643-9155