Support What Matters

Support What Matters

As you may know, private funding has grown increasingly important at the University of California, Berkeley. Without it, we would be unable to support the research efforts of our faculty, ensure that our students are the best and brightest, and maintain our competitive position alongside other world-class departments.

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Feature Projects

Friends of the Department of Physics (FOP)

Berkeley Physics is home to world-renowned scientists and researchers and is universally regarded as one of the top Physics departments in the world. Our talented faculty and students are engaged in research, innovation, and instruction at the forefront of many fields including astrophysics, biophysics, particle physics, theoretical physics, experimental physics, quantum physics, and condensed matter physics. 



The Undergraduate Physics 5 Series

Learning through immersion in hands-on experiences lies at the heart of Physics undergraduate education. As part of our effort to strengthen this approach, Berkeley has launched the Physics 5 Series. It includes an initial lecture course, Physics 5A, followed by two additional lectures, 5B and 5C, along with new lab courses, Physics 5BL and 5CL. Physics 5 will more thoroughly prepare students for Physics 111, the upper division Instrumentation and Experimentation labs that are required of all Physics majors.



Research Centers

Berkeley Physics is home to 4 research centers which are taking a modern approach to answering some of the most pressing questions in science. The Center for Quantum Coherent Science (CQCS), the Berkeley Center For Theoretical Physics (BCTP), the Berkeley Experimental Particle Physics Center (BEPP) and the Berkeley Center for Cosmological Physics (BCCP). Your support will help teams of leading physicists, promising new researchers, and the world's brightest graduate and undergraduate students pursue lines of investigation with fresh perspectives.

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Scholarships and Fellowships

Scholarships and fellowships provide support for new generations of students, and help keep pace with rising tuition costs. They are a key competitive tool in attracting the best and brightest students to Physics at Berkeley. Scholarships and fellowships may be endowed or supported on an annual basis. A full year’s fellowship costs approximately $35,000 for a California resident and close to $45,000 for a non-resident. Recently created fellowships include the the Stuart J. Freedman Fellowship, the Charles H. Townes Fellowship, the Benjamin Lee and Julius Wess Fellowship, and the Leo Falicov Fellowship, as well as the Graduate Student Support Fund and the Undergraduate Student Support Fund.

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Other Projects

Physics alumni remember the Physics 111 Advanced Lab as the place where they learned to apply physics theory to the real world and picked up practical skills that prepared them for jobs in industry or research. The goals of this “capstone” course have not changed, but its laboratory instruments and technology are always evolving. Recently, the lab was renovated and christened in honor of Donald A. Glaser - Berkeley physicist, Nobel Laureate, and ultimate experimentalist. Keeping the Glaser Advanced Lab on the technological cutting-edge, sometimes adding new experiments and always maintaining existing equipment, is a financial challenge and a high priority.