Instructional Support

Instructional Support

The Physics Instructional Support Group serves Berkeley faculty, graduate student instructors, undergraduate students, and the larger physics education community by  providing physics instructors with over 600 lecture demonstrations to complement most lower division courses  supporting instructional labs for five lower division courses and two upper division courses  working with faculty and graduate instructors to develop new teaching materials  advising instructors on course web site development and new instructional technologies  assisting with special departmental events and programs for K-12 students and the public  exchanging ideas and materials with the physics education community.

The Physics instructional labs and associated offices and prep rooms temporarily occupy space in Hearst Field Annex. The lecture demonstration office and prep room are located in 72 LeConte Hall, adjacent to lecture halls 1, 2, 3, and 4 LeConte. An additional physics lecture demonstration prep room is adjacent to the large lecture theater in Pimentel Hall. 

Director of Instructional Support

Amin Jazaeri
256 LeConte Hall

Lecture Demonstration Technical Staff

Lecture Demonstration Website 
Roberto Barrueto
510-642-3267 - 72 LeConte Hall
510-642-4822 - B18 Pimentel Hall

James Little
510-642-3267 - 72 LeConte Hall
510-642-4822 - B18 Pimentel Hall

Lab Managers/Engineers

Lower Division Courses (Physics 7A, 7B, 7C, 8A, 8B)

Terry Buehler
214 LeConte Hall

Rusty Orr
222 LeConte Hall

Lab Manager/Engineer

Upper Division Courses (The Donald A Glaser Advanced Physics 111 Lab)

Section 1: Instrumentation Lab
Section 2: Experimentation Lab

Don Orlando
282E LeConte Hall