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Physics @ Berkeley
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A wide range of research opportunities in astrophysics are represented on the Berkeley campus. Current experimental programs include magnetospheric physics, space plasmas and fields, experimental cosmology (particularly studies of the cosmic microwave background radiation and of dark matter), infrared spectroscopy and spatial interferometry, and gamma-ray astrophysics. Theorists study the interstellar medium, star formation, radio pulsars, neutron stars, galaxy formation and cosmology. Astrophysical research is carried out in the Physics Department, the Space Sciences Laboratory, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and in close association with the Astronomy Department and the Theoretical Astrophysics Center.

Physics Faculty

    Jonathan Arons (E)
    Daniel Kasen
    Wick Haxton
    Christopher F. McKee (E)
    Eliot Quataert
    Uros Seljak
    Martin White

    Stuart D. Bale
    Steven E. Boggs
    Marc Davis
    Reinhard Genzel
    William Holzapfel
    Adrian Lee
    Richard A. Muller (E)
    Saul Perlmutter
    P. Buford Price (E)
    Paul L. Richards (E)
    Bernard Sadoulet
    George F. Smoot (E)
    Charles Townes (E)

    (E) = Emeritus

Special facilities and activities include:
     Berkeley Cosmology Group
     Berkeley Center for Cosmological Physics (BCCP)
     Institute for Nuclear and Particle Astrophysics (LBNL)
     Space Physics Research Group (SSL)
     Supernova Cosmology Project (LBNL)
     Theoretical Astrophysics Center