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Title: Berkeley Lab Researchers Make First Perovskite-based Superlens For The Infrared
Date: 03/29/2011
Publication: Berkeley Lab News Center
Editor: Lynn Yarris
Extended Text:

Superlenses earned their superlative by being able to capture the “evanescent” light waves that blossom close to an illuminated surface and never travel far enough to be “seen” by a conventional lens. Superlenses hold enormous potential in a range of applications, depending upon the  form of light they capture, but their use has been limited because most have been made from elaborate artificial constructs known as metamaterials. The unique optical properties of metamaterials, which include the ability to bend light backwards – a property known as negative refraction – arise from their structure rather than their chemical composition. However, metamaterials can be difficult to fabricate and tend to absorb a relatively high percentage of photons that would otherwise be available for imaging.