Physics @ Berkeley
Dan M. Stamper-Kurn came to Berkeley following his studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Ph.D. 2000) and postdoctoral work at the California Institute of Technology (1999 2001).  He is the recipient of the 2000 APS Division of Atomic, Optical and Molecular Physics Outstanding Thesis award, the Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship (2001 2003), the David and Lucile Packard Fellowship in Science and Engineering (2002 2007), and the Presidential Young Investigator Award in Science and Engineering (2002).  He holds the Class of 1936 Second Chair in the College of Letters and Sciences (2007 2012).
Dan M Stamper-Kurn
Associate Professor
Research: Atomic, Molecular And Optical Physics
Campus Office:
301D Old LeConte Hall
Phone: (510) 642-9618
Fax: (510) 643-0543