Physics @ Berkeley

James Analytis joined the faculty in January 2013 as the Charles Kittel Chair in condensed matter physics. He received his B.Sc. in physics from Canterbury University in 2001 and his D. Phil. from the University of Oxford as a Rhodes' Scholar in 2006. At Oxford, he worked with Stephen Blundell and Arzhang Ardavan on experimental and computational studies of quasi-two dimensional organic superconductors. Following his graduate studies, Analytis was a Lloyd's Tercentenary Fellow at the University of Bristol, where he worked on understanding the nature of anisotropic scattering in cuprate superconductors. In 2008 he became a post-doctoral fellow at Stanford University where he worked on both pnictide superconductors and topological insulators. In 2010 Analytis became a staff scientist at the Stanford Institute for Materials and Energy Science. The Analytis lab at Berkeley is capable of creating new materials and characterizing their thermodynamic and transport properties, particularly in the presence of high magnetic fields. The Analytis lab makes extensive use of the facilities at the National High Magnetic Field Lab, where fields of up to 45T (static) and 100T (pulsed) are available.

James Analytis
Assistant Professor
Research: Condensed Matter Physics And Materials Science
Campus Office:
359 Birge Hall
Phone: (510) 643-2615