Access Requests

Access Requests

Access to Physics Spaces

Access Controller: Anthony Vitan 151 Le Conte Hall 510-642-2242

Access Control Hours: 9am-12pm Monday-Friday

All Access forms and documentation must be submitted to Access Controller before access is approved.  Access request forms must be submitted in person and not by others.

All persons requesting access to space in Physics must complete the department BEP/IIPP Quiz by reading the following documents Building Emergency Plans** for Birge and Le Conte Hall and the Physics Illness and Injury Prevention Program.  The BEP/IIPP quiz needs to only be completed once.

**To access the Building Emergency Plans you must login to the Physics website with your Calnet ID and password.  After logging in you should be able to view the document within 48 hours.  

To report problems with access, keys, locks or security issues please email Physics Support.

Building Entry and Access (New Campbell, Birge and Le Conte Hall)

Building Access is only permitted for authorized persons with a current UC ID card.  Please complete this  form.

*Cards will take 3-5 days to process before activation is live.

Lab and Office Access (Metal Key, Keycard and Numerical Codes for Birge, New Campbell and LeConte Hall Interior Doors)

Undergrads, grads, postdocs and visitors are required to pay a deposit of $20.00 per metal key.  The deposit may be refunded when metal key is returned during Access Controller business hours. If a metal key is not in stock we must order the metal key.  Key orders take 2-3 weeks to process with campus services.

Complete this form:     

For Research lab access this following below must be completed in addition to the Lab and Office request form.  GSI's needing access to teaching labs are only required to take the  EHS Lab Safety Fundamentals 101 online training.  They do not need to complete the Lab Roster Tool or Laboratory Hazard Assessment Tool.

**SPECIAL NOTE** ALL Undergraduate Researchers must register as volunteers before access or work in labs is authorized.  PI must submit a ticket to Campus Shared Services HR/APS to have undergraduate student permitted to work in lab.  


Liquid Nitrogen Access

LN2 Access Request   

Cryogens Safety. This online training is available through the UC Learning Center.

After your access is approved remember to always bring your Cal ID card when accessing the Liquid Nitrogen dispenser after hours.  The Loading Dock door locks at 4pm M-F and is locked on holidays and weekends.  Access is through the door is only available via Cal ID card.

**special note**  Undergrads are permitted to use the Liquid Nitrogen dispensing system.  However, they are not permitted to fill it by themselves.  They are required to be escorted by another authorized user (grad, post doc, PI, ect.)

Compressed Gas Cylinder Services

Compressed cylinder gases are available to Physics research labs to check out from the receiving located in Room 151 Le Conte. 
Stocked cylinder gases are argon, helium, nitrogen and oxygen. For safe handling of gas cylinders while transporting and using in the lab please visit this link. Any cylinders returned to Receiving area must have the cap in place and a tag indicating if the cylinder is empty or partially empty.  For safe handling of compressed gas cylinders please read the following safety sheet from UC EHS. 

Copier/Fax/Scanner Access

Please visit the Front Desk in Room 151 Le Conte for access to the Xerox multi-purpose copier.

Student Shop Access 

Please see  Joseph Kant in student shop (Room 102 Old Le Conte) for access.