Facilities Service Requests

Facilities Service Requests

To report building issues please contact:

Facility Manager:  Esperanza Munoz-Riddle 151 Physics North, Telephone: 510-642-2241

Email Physics Facility Services.

MPS Facilities Director:  Anthony Vitan 158 Physics North, Telephone: 510-642-2242

Telecommunications and Networking

For telephone and network moves, additions, cancellations or upgrades please email Stephen Pride-Raffel.  For desktop support, network connectivity, phone outages or phone support please submit a ticket to Campus Shared Services or email ccu@berkeley.edu.

Furniture and Equipment Moves

To request furniture and equipment moves within Birge, Campbell and Physics North & South please email us.
For small scale moves and room clean outs we have furniture dollies, hand trucks and carts are available for check out in Room 151 Physics North Hall.

Receiving and Shipping

The Physics Receiving and Shipping services are located in Room 151 Physics North. All goods purchased by the Physics Department Shoppers via BearBuy are delivered to Physics Receiving for processing. The staff in the Receiving department inspects the shipments, reconciles the packing slips against the PO and notifies the recipients via BearBuy that their shipment is ready for pickup.   

Domestic, international and freight shipments that we process must be done through Fedex Express.  To have your item sent out by us please fill out this form.  Before submitting your completed form please validate your SpeedType here (users need to be logged into the GlobalProtect VPN and/or have system access to view this tool)  If you do not wish to have your outgoing shipment processed through Fedex you must source your own shipping and process the order through Bearbuy.  We don't offer any other services other than Fedex Express for outgoing shipments.  

Shipping requests submitted to the 151 Service Desk before 12:00PM will go out the same day.  We are unable to accept packages after 12:00PM for drop offs.   Outgoing Fedex Freight shipments take 1-3 days before they are picked up.    

We have Fedex and UPS boxes and envelopes for your use.  We also have a limited supply of empty boxes and packing materials.  Please check with the Service Desk to see what is available.  Users/labs are responsible for packing their own boxes prior to being shipped.  We can't take any liability in the event of damage.  In the event of damage the requestor (labs/user) must make a claim with Fedex.  

Please note that we do not have the capability of shipping hazardous materials, goods or gases.  If you wish to ship them please contact EHS' shipping specialist here.

Do not have personal packages sent to 151 Physics North.  We are unable to process personal packages per department policy.  

If you need help with shipping, receiving or equipment please email Physics Support Services.

Electronics, Equipment and Hazardous Waste Disposal

We can assist with disposal of old equipment, electronics and furniture. Old electronics (computers, cables, pc boards, ect) can be brought down to the receiving room in 151.  These items may be placed on the table near the loading dock door.  Please place items neatly on the table and box up any loose parts.  For any items you are leaving or would like to leave you must let either Carlos or Anthony know so we can make sure the appropriate items are being left for salvage.  If your equipment you wish to dispose of has a UC Berkeley or LBNL property sticker on it please inform Anthony before leaving it on the recycling table.  All UCB and LBNL equipment must be accounted for and we may direct you to contact somebody at LBNL for disposal or pick up.  

Hazardous waste must be disposed of through EH&S Hazardous Waste Program.  

If you need to dispose of small under-counter refrigerators or freezers they may be brought to 151 Physics North receiving room.  You must bring a chart string to pay for disposal costs. The cost of disposal is $125.00  

Unwanted wood (furniture, crates, or pallets) requires a chart string given to Carlos in 151 Physics North prior to being left for pickup/disposal in the driveway between Physics South and Campbell Hall. The campus no longer removes this type of waste free of charge.  These items must either be hauled away by movers or chopped up by carpenters and hauled away.  Costs may be from $110.00 to $150.00 per hour depending on the service needed for the particular job.  Please email Anthony if you have any questions.

Equipment/Tool Loans

We have limited types of equipment available to be lent out (carts, pallet jacks, etc.). All equipment must be signed out by the person at the Service Desk.  No equipment may be removed unless signed for. Equipment must be returned by the end of the business day at 4:00 PM. No overnight equipment lending is allowed. NO EXCEPTIONS. For hydraulic lifts and pallet jacks, their respective JSA (job safety analysis) must be signed before you can take the equipment. To use a ladder you must complete the EH&S ladder safety training and provide proof it has been completed or you will not be available to use a ladder from us. Check with the person at Service Desk for details.