Computing Resources

Computing Resources

The Physics Department currently does not employ full-time computing staff. Computer support is outsourced to Campus Shared Services by the Physics Department. You may request technical support by emailing

Physics Resources

Most rooms in Birge Hall, Physics North, and Physics South have 1000Mbps ethernet connections.  Learn more about the Physics Department's wireless access below.


The Physics Department recommends that you set up an account with bMail. To set up a bMail account: 

Department Listservs

The Physics Department manages multiple listservs, for faculty, students, postdocs and staff. Frequent communications from the department go out on those listservs: information about town hall discussions, department newsletters, and messages from department administration about issues of interest. If you would like to join a department listserv, please contact Identify your name and role in the department so we can place you on the correct mailing list.

What Are My Wi-Fi Options?

There are two options to connect to the Campus network. For instructions, coverage areas, support, and technical information, view all campus Wi-Fi options(link is external) at


Basic Wi-Fi access for guests.

The CalVisitor Wi-Fi service will provide a basic level of Wi-Fi access for those without a CalNet ID. Berkeley visitors (not visiting faculty or researchers) will be provided with the appropriate level of Internet access for their connectivity needs while on campus to check email and access the Internet.



Full access to the UC Berkeley network for visiting researchers, students, and staff.

Eduroam is a secure, world-wide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community. It allows students, researchers, and staff from participating institutions to obtain Internet connectivity across campus and when visiting other participating institutions. 

IP Information, Changes, New Connections

To request a new network cable or telephone connection for your lab or office, please send an email to Stephen Pride-Raffel at and Michael Quan at michael@berkeley.eduBefore your computer or laptop can be used on the campus network please register the MAC address with To register a new device (computer, printer, hard drive) anyone with a Calnet ID can get a DHCP or Fixed DHCP through the SocReg site. Registering NEW devices in SocReg will provide an opportunity for you to name your device. Please use this naming convention: User’sLastName_BuildingRoom_DeviceType.

Device Type Examples are:

  • Computer
  • HardDrive

For information on how to name a device see:

Network Problems

If you think you're having network connectivity problems, you may report them to Campus Shared Services IT.  

Mathematica and Matlab Licenses

Visit the IST Software Central website for information about how to obtain licenses for academic computational applications such as Mathematica and Matlab.

Computer Security

If you believe you've had a security breach and you need help and/or advice for correcting this problem, send an email to

All computer users who manage their own systems are responsible for keeping their computers secure. Security Network Services (SNS) has means for monitoring and scanning the campus network for potential security problems. They may disconnect any systems from the campus network that they believe have been compromised or if they believe that a given system possesses a serious security risk to the rest of campus. If the system owner does not fix the problem after a reasonable amount of time after the initial warning, the node will be disconnected.

The Information Security Office (ISO) provides links to quick security guides and checklists(link is external) for various operating systems and applications. We advise everyone who manages their own computers to become familiar with and follow the SNS security guidelines for system administration. If you are a new security contact for a research group, visit this information sheet on the role.

If you would like to report a security incident to central authorities, send email to:   
Physics Security Staff at
Central Campus Security Staff at