Facilities & Access

View of Birge Hall with Sather Tower above to the right

Access Controller 

Carlos Bustamante
151 Physics North 
510 643-0802
(handles day to day transactions)

Building Manager and Lead Access Controller

Esperanza Munoz-Riddle
151 Physics North

Getting ready to join a research lab? Here are the steps you will need to take to do it SAFELY!

General Information

  • All access documents and general questions must be emailed to:  Physics-Support@lists.berkeley.edu
  • Access Transition Hours: By appointment only.  No DROP INS.  You must make an appointment 24-hours in advance on the access calendar here after emailing your access request documents.    
  • All persons requesting access must have a campus Cal ID card.  No exceptions
  • All metal keys require a $30.00 deposit CASH ONLY. 
  • All access transactions will be scheduled by Carlos Bustamante.    
  • Physics Space includes Birge Hall, Physics North-South and some spaces of Campbell (Lower Level, 3rd and 4th FLR)
  • All required documents below whether in an experimental research lab or non-experimental space also apply to visitors as well. 

Required Documents for working in an experimental research lab

Required Documents for those who need non-experimental access 

Liquid Nitrogen Access (undergrads may not have access to system)

Physics Reading Room

Access to the Physics Reading Room must be authorized by Claudia Trujillo in 376 Physics North or Kathleen Cooney in 374.  Please visit them or email if you desire access to this space.

Student Shop Access 

Please see Jess Lopez in the student shop (Room 102 Physics North) for access.