Safety Resources for Physics

Department Safety Coordinators/Emergency Contacts:

Eleanor Crump
158 Le Conte Hall

Anthony Vitan
151 Le Conte

Carlos Bustamante
151 Le Conte
510-643-0802 (M-F 8am-5pm)



Building Emergency Plans ** for Birge Hall, Le Conte Hall and Campbell Hall

Birge BEP

 Le Conte BEP 

Campbell Hall BEP

Physics IIPP:  Illness and Injury Prevention Program

All persons working or visiting Physics must read the Building Emergency Plan for both Birge and Le Conte Hall along with our Illness and Injury Prevention Program.  Proof of having read the documents is acomplished by completing this quiz.  Please turn in all completed documents to 151 Le Conte Hall.  

The following documents are forms as part of the IIPP:

Reports of Unsafe Conditions or Hazards (IIPP Form 1)

Safety Committee Meeting Documentation (IIPP Form 2)

Hazard Correction Reports (IIPP Form 4)

Accident, Injury or Illness Investigation Reports (IIPP Form 5)

EH&S Accident Investigation Fact Sheet


Department Safety Committee



Safety in Labs

Chemical Safety

How to dispose of hazardous waste (chemicals, contaminated waste ect.) and unwanted materials (uncontaminated sharps, used batteries): Hazardous Waste Program (must login via Calnet ID)

Radiation Safety Information
Laser Safety Information


Safety in Shops

Shop Safety JSA's

Safety in Offices

Work Station Evaluations-Work station Evaluators:  Eleanor Crump and Anthony Vitan

Important Safety Links

UCB Environmental Health and Safety
UCB Police Department