Business Services

Business Services


The purchasing of goods and services is initiated via a BearBuy Shopping Cart. Authorized Physics Shoppers log into BearBuy and create a Shopping Cart for the purchases they want to make.  When the Shopping Cart is submitted, it goes to the Purchasing unit at Campus Shared Services for processing and placing the order with the vendor. The vendor ships the items to the Physics Department Receiving unit in Room 151 Le Conte.  The Receiving staff notifies the Shoppers via e-mail that the goods are ready for pick up.

How do I obtain authorization to shop in BearBuy?

Please contact Katalin Markus to set up a Physics Shopper profile for you in BearBuy.

How do I log into BearBuy?

You will need to use your CalNet ID/Passphase to log into BearBuy. The quick link to BearBuy is here. You can bookmark this page for future easy access to BearBuy.

Or you can navigate to BearBuy through the Blu employee portal, click on the Buying tab on top, then click on BearBuy (Full Suite2012) menu on the right.

How can I get help placing an order in BearBuy? 

Please visit the Campus Shared Services Purchasing website for more information and the CSS satellite office locations on campus. 

Who do I contact to follow up on my purchase request?

After you submitted your Shopping Cart it goes to the purchasing unit at Campus Shared Services. Please contact Stephen Pride at Campus Shared Services for a status check of your order. 

I expect a wire transfer to my account, who do I contact?

The current procedure in place makes it difficult for the finance team to claim funding in a timely manner, as well as to allocate the funds to the appropriate place. This is because we have no back-up information to provide the Controller when they reach out to us. In order to remedy this, and to provide you all with better, faster service, please follow these simple steps as soon as you learn of an inbound transfer:
Please write an email to and provide the following information:
   a) Vendor information: who is sending the wire?
   b) Amount: how much are you expecting to receive?
   c) Chartstring: where should the funding be allocated to?

Software Licenses





Travel Reimbursement

Reimbursements for travel expenses for faculty, staff, students and visitors are processed by Campus Shared Services for the Physics Department. 

For step by step instructions on how to submit a Travel Reimbursement Request, please visit the NEW TRAVEL AND ENTERTAINMENT website. You can also visit the Campus Shared Services Travel website

Campus Shared Services also offers on-site support at two campus locations and accepts Travel Reimbursement Requests in person.  For locations and office hours please click here.

NEW: Effective 10/10/2016 the Physics Department launched its new Travel and Entertainment Support Initiative for faculty who do not have administrators.
To utilize the new service please use of the following avenues:
1. Send completed and signed reimbursement paperwork and scanned receipts to the Physics T&E listserve.
2. Deposit envelope with completed and signed reimbursement paperwork and receipts in the Physics T&E mailbox in 366 LeConte.
3. Make an appointment with Katalin Markus (510)-643-7781 for in person assistance with filling out the paperwork.

Domestic Travel Reimbursement Form

International Travel Reimbursement Form

Entertainment Reimbursement

Reimbursements for entertainment expenses for faculty, staff, students and visitors are processed by Campus Shared Services for the Physics Department. 

For step by step instructions on how to submit an Entertainment Reimbursement Request, please visit the Campus Shared Services Travel/Entertainment website

Campus Shared Services also offers on-site support at two campus locations and accepts Entertainment reimbursement requests in person.  For locations and office hours please click here.

Are you are requesting the reimbursement for yourself? Please use:

Entertainment Reimbursement Request Form 

Did you receive an entertainment related invoice from a vendor or charged your purchase on an Event Planner credit card? Please use:

Entertainment Purchase Order and Event Planner Card Expense Form

Departmental IT Service Providers



The University may create equipment that is not available elsewhere. Fabricated property items are created either for use by the sponsor or for use by the University in the research program. Standard items that are altered or customized to make them usable on a sponsored project do not qualify as fabricated property. To ensure we account for fabrication costs on a consistent basis and to ensure compliance with federal regulations, the University has developed the procedures described under the Accounting for Fabrication Equipment guidelines. Additional information on fabricated equipment can be found in the University of California Policy BUS-29, Management and Control of University Equipment, pages 2, 12, 14, and 28. 

To request to open a fabrication account on an existing fund please fill out the Physics Fabrication Justification Form to initiate the process.

If you get the error message "You need permission" you are not logged in to bConnected. You will need to:

Log in through bDrive.
Select Sign into another account.
Select Sign in through UC Berkeley button to see your bDrive home page.
Return to this page using the same browser and select the Physics Fabrication Justification Form link again.
To avoid the error message in the future, make sure you are logged in to one of the bConnected services (bCal, bDrive, bMail).

The Equipment Administrator determines if the proposed work meets the definition of a fabrication before issuing the fabrication account.


Please contact: Katalin Markus with questions related to faculty and staff household and lab moves.

Machine Shop

The Physics Department Machine Shop accepts job requests from campus and off-campus customers on a recharge basis. Please visit the Machine Shop for more info, and to access the Machine Shop Job Request Form.

Liquid Nitrogen

Dispensing: Please use this form to establish an account to purchase LN2 gas for your research lab in Birge/Le Conte/New Campbell Hall. For LN2 billing related questions please contact Katalin Markus.