Opening a Fab Account

The University may create equipment that is not available elsewhere. Fabricated property items are created either for use by the sponsor or for use by the University in the research program. Standard items that are altered or customized to make them usable on a sponsored project do not qualify as fabricated property. To ensure we account for fabrication costs on a consistent basis and to ensure compliance with federal regulations, the University has developed the procedures described under the Accounting for Fabrication Equipment guidelines. Additional information on fabricated equipment can be found in the University of California Policy BUS-29, Management and Control of University Equipment, pages 2, 12, 14, and 28.

To request a fabrication account, first consult with your RA about the funding, and then please fill out the Physics Fabrication Justification Form to initiate the process.

If you get the error message "You need permission" you are not logged in to bConnected. You will need to:

  1. Log in through bDrive.
  2. Select Sign into another account.
  3. Select Sign in through UC Berkeley button to see your bDrive home page.
  4. Return to this page using the same browser and select the Physics Fabrication Justification Form link again.
  5. To avoid the error message in the future, make sure you are logged in to one of the bConnected services (bCal, bDrive, bMail). 

Using a Fab Account

Once the account has been established, it's important to enter Speedtype and Account code information correctly into BearBuy, and other systems when charging against the fab account (Machine Shop requests, etc).

Closing a Fab Account

The departmental BETS equipment custodian will contact you when the estimated completion date for your fabrication arrives. You'll be asked if the equipment is completed or an extension of the fab account is requested.  If the equipment is completed, you'll be asked for the location and condition of  the equipment. The equipment custodian will bring an inventory sticker to apply to it, and it will become a part of the University's equipment inventory.