Dear Friends, 

The resiliency we have shown as a community through 2020 has left me in equal measure humbled and inspired. There is good news on the horizon for 2021. The University has begun to announce plans about the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine, which can be found here:

I am encouraged that essential campus and research operations are already incorporated into the current plans, which means our department can resume significant activity. Nevertheless, we must remain vigilant over the next few months, and especially in the weeks immediately following the holiday break. The virus continues to spread, with new variants arising that are known to be more contagious. So all of us need to remain alert, continue to wear face masks and practice social distancing.

Most importantly, we need to look out for one another and continue to support each other. Take the time to check in with friends and relatives and connect with your colleagues and peers. I am here to help too, and if you need it or know someone who does, please reach out.

With love,
James Analytis,
Physics Chair

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