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Physics is the study of the universe, from the very large (star formation, cosmic microwave background radiation) to the very small (nanotechnology, atomic cooling and trapping, string theory), and everything in between (biophysics, and the physics of solid state devices, just to name a few). 

Our undergraduate program aims to provide a broad and solid background in fundamental physics through introductory course work, and then to engage all our majors who are interested in current research with some of the top research groups worldwide.

We believe a Physics degree represents strong training for a broad range of careers. Approximately half of our recent graduates have continued to graduate school in Physics and related fields; others have taken jobs in high tech industries or as management consultants, and still others have entered medical school or law school. We aim to help our majors develop strong mathematical and analytical skills, good laboratory skills, effective written and oral communication skills, and of course a solid understanding of the fundamental laws that govern the universe.

A degree in Physics offers a variety of career choices.

Careers for Graduates

Learn more in our 2020 Physics Career Guide and the Career Center's First Destination Survey Info about where Cal physics alumni work.

Questions? Please contact:

Nitin Srivastava
Undergraduate Advisor (last names beginning with A-L)
368 Physics North
Phone: (510) 642-0481 (inactive while remote)

Kathleen Cooney (last names beginning with M-Z)
Undergraduate Advisor
374 Physics North  
Phone (510) 664-7557 (inactive while remote)