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Physics research can loosely be divided into three areas, which often find common ground and reasons for collaboration. The fields of astrophysics, particle, and nuclear physics, both theoretical and experimental, fall under “Physics of the Universe” while “Physics at the Quantum Scale” is shorthand for the phenomena involving interactions of electrons, nuclei, and photons that form the basis of AMO, quantum physics, condensed matter physics, and plasma and nonlinear dynamics. The cutting-edge field of “biophysics” encompasses the study of biological systems using physical methods and the description of such systems through quantitative models and fundamental physical principles. 

Physics faculty conduct their research together with research scientists, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, undergraduate students, and visiting scholars. Research opportunities at Berkeley exist across the full spectrum of theoretical and experimental disciplines. Graduate students also have the opportunity to work with faculty members and researchers outside the department.

Researchers at Berkeley often collaborate closely with scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory  and Space Science Laboratory. Synergistic connections with these powerful research centers make Berkeley a unique environment to pursue some of the most important problems in physics. 

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