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It is an honor to be Chair of the Department of Physics at Berkeley. Our department has a special place in the history of physics, being one of the major theoretical and experimental centers at the dawn of quantum physics, the subsequent development of the Standard Model of Particle Physics and the understanding of the primordial universe.

Berkeley Physics continues to push the boundaries of human knowledge, but our mission is to create a community of scientists that stretches far beyond our campus. The members of our community are part of a lifelong network of physicists, sharing our ideals for truth, rigor and understanding across the globe.

We serve students from all parts of California and the world, all with different histories and journeys that have brought them to physics. The standing we have as a center of scholarship is due to the creativity of our community, and that creativity is sourced from our broad inclusivity. Our goal as educators is to ensure every student realizes their potential as scientists, and to become the leaders we need to answer the greatest challenges of our time - whether that is the deepest mysteries of nature or finding novel solutions for the challenges of energy security and climate change.

Explore these pages to find out about how we achieve this mission through our community of students, staff, researchers and teachers.

James G. Analytis,
Physics Chair

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