Physics 290 Seminars

The “290” seminars are graduate level courses that feature a weekly seminar on physics topics.  Some 290 Seminars are closed to students only, but many are open to the public and welcome you to attend.

290A Nanoscale Research Developments Seminar

290B Space Sciences Seminar

  • Open to the UC Berkeley and LBNL scientific communities
  • Recent developments, with informal discussion, on topics in space science, space plasmas physics, space-based planetary science and astrophysics
  • For more information contact Stuart Bale or Chadi Salem

290E  High Energy/Nuclear Physics Seminar Series

290F Atomic, Molecular and Optical Science and Quantum Information (AMO/QI) Seminar Series

  • Open to students and the research community
  • Seminars occur roughly weekly throughout the academic terms.  These seminars feature advances in AMO/QI research worldwide.  Some weeks are also set aside for the AMO Qual Club, a graduate-student focused event meant to enrich academic training and prepare students for their qualifying examination.  Some other weeks feature Dissertation Celebrations, presented by a graduate student in the AMO/QI group upon completion of their PhD
  • AMO/QI Seminar webpage 
  • For more information contact Hartmut HaffnerHolger MuellerAlp Sipahigil, or Dan Stamper-Kurn

290K Condensed Matter Seminar Series

  • Open to the Public
  • Recent developments in Condensed Matter Physics
  • Visit the Physics Department Event Calendar for a full listing of 290K Condensed Matter Seminars and all other Physics Department events
  • For more information, contact: LaVern Navarro

290K/290SQuantum Materials Seminar Series

290P String Theory Seminar Series

  • Open to students and the research community
  • Recent developments in quantum gravity, holography and string theory. In addition, many talks are interdisciplinary in nature, with connections to quantum information, condensed matter and black hole physics
  • Tuesdays 3:40pm, Physics South Hall Room 402, Campus. Occasionally Wednesdays, same location and time
  • LBNL Theory Seminars Webpage 
  • For more information, contact: : Tom Rudelius and Sean Colin-Ellerin.

290Z Physics Theory Seminar Series

290Z Informal String-Math Seminar Series

  • Research seminar, intended for physicists and mathematicians
  • Recent developments at the intersection of mathematics and theoretical physics
  • The String-Math Seminar Webpage
  • To be added to the mailing list, contact Peng Zhou

C290 Advanced Cosmology Research Seminar Series