Physics 290 Seminars

The “290” seminars are graduate level courses that feature a weekly seminar on physics topics.  Some 290 Seminars are closed to students only, but many are open to the public and welcome you to attend.

290B Space Sciences Seminar

  • Open to the UC Berkeley and LBNL scientific communities
  • Recent developments, with informal discussion, on topics in space science, space plasmas physics, space-based planetary science and astrophysics
  • For more information contact Stuart Bale or Chadi Salem

290E  High Energy/Nuclear Physics Seminar Series

  • Open to the Berkeley and LBNL scientific communities
  • Introductory talks on High Energy Physics/Nuclear Physics from senior physicists in the first few weeks of the semester, followed by graduate student presentations in the following weeks.
  • For more information, contact: Marjorie Shapiro and Barbara Jacak

290K Condensed Matter Seminar Series

290F Atomic, Molecular and Optical Science and Quantum Information (AMO/QI) Seminar Series

  • Open to students and the research community
  • Seminars occur roughly weekly throughout the academic terms.  These seminars feature advances in AMO/QI research worldwide.  Some weeks are also set aside for the AMO Qual Club, a graduate-student focused event meant to enrich academic training and prepare students for their qualifying examination.  Some other weeks feature Dissertation Celebrations, presented by a graduate student in the AMO/QI group upon completion of their PhD
  • Information on the seminar is found here
  • For more information contact Hartmut Haffner, Holger Mueller, Alp Sipahigil, or Dan Stamper-Kurn

290K/290SQuantum Materials Seminar Series

  • Open to public
  • Seminars occur weekly on Wednesdays at 2 pm, alternating between a theory and experimental focus
  • Event page
  • For more information, contact: Beth McCleary

290P String Theory Seminar Series

  • Open to students and the research community
  • Recent developments in quantum gravity, holography and string theory. In addition, many talks are interdisciplinary in nature, with connections to quantum information, condensed matter and black hole physics
  • LBNL Theory Seminars Webpage Tuesdays 3:40pm, Physics South Hall Room 402, Campus. Occasionally Wednesdays, same location and time
  • For more information, contact: : Tom Rudelius and Sean Colin-Ellerin.

290Z Physics Theory Seminar Series

290Z Informal String-Math Seminar Series

  • Research seminar, intended for physicists and mathematicians
  • Recent developments at the intersection of mathematics and theoretical physics
  • The String-Math Seminar Webpage
  • To be added to the mailing list, contact Peng Zhou