Concurrent Enrollment & Summer Sessions

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Imagine studying physics with some of the world’s brightest students and most distinguished professors.  Enroll as a visiting student through UC Berkeley’s UC Extension or Summer Session programs today! 

Enrolling Through UC Extension or Summer Session Gives You:

ACCESS. Connect with physicists conducting cutting-edge research in condensed matter physics, astrophysics, cosmology, nuclear physics, and more.

EDUCATION. Explore an area of interest or potentially gain units towards a future major.

EXPERIENCE. Learn and explore physics alongside UC Berkeley’s diverse student body at the world’s #1 public university.

ADVENTURE. Take advantage of UC Berkeley’s unique location to take lab tours, drive the Pacific coastline, or hop on a cable car and explore San Francisco.  There are an endless number of things to see and do all around UC Berkeley! 

Who can enroll in UC Extension and Summer Session courses? 

Anyone who has met the published requirements for a course can apply.  That includes:

• International students
• Non-UC students
• Qualified pre-collegiate students

To find out if you qualify, please contact Student Services.

Interested in taking summer courses?

Additional information and applications can be accessed by visiting Berkeley Summer Sessions.  If you are a pre-collegiate student interested in Summer Sessions please visit Berkeley Summer Sessions for High School Students 

Interested in taking fall or spring courses?

Visit UC Berkeley Extension for more information and applications (and see below instruction).  Please note enrollment requirements specific to international students here.

Ready to enroll in courses?

Physics Department Specific Enrollment Information for UC Extension - Concurrent Enrollment

If you would like to apply to enroll in physics classes via the UC Extension - Concurrent Enrollment, we are happy to consider you.  Please note the following Department-specific enrollment requirements:

1. In addition to the online Extension application, UC Berkeley Physics requires an internal online application for each course. Forms are available here.

2. Applicants must upload a transcript to the Physics Department online form so that we may verify completion of prerequisites.

We evaluate requests pending course availability. We cannot consider applications for courses that are full and/or courses that have a waitlist. Consideration will be given only for courses that have vacant seats and/or no waitlist and will begin at the end of the second week of classes to assess enrollment availability. Though we cannot guarantee enrollment, we will do our best to accommodate requests provided all requirements and approvals are met.

Questions? Please contact: Physics Student Services.

► Classes fill up fast!  Click here for a list of physics courses.