REYES: Remote Experience for Young Engineers and Scientists

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Remote Experience for Young Engineers and Scientists (REYES)

The Remote Experience for Young Engineers and Scientists (REYES) virtual STEM-H learning experience aims to increase science literacy, inspire and train the next generation of engineers and scientists. We also help increase diversity in STEM fields by lowering barriers of entry for all, including students from underrepresented backgrounds. To date, more than 11,000 learners in 135 countries have registered for REYES. The program includes:

  • Virtual learning experience  - Join free live lectures, panels, and activities in a variety of STEM subjects, aimed at high school and college students. Join as many as you wish!
  • Virtual mentoring program - Selected applicants will be paired with researchers or faculty members from across the globe to work on a research project, remotely. The project will take place over 4-8 weeks, starting on June 18. Depending on the project, participants are expected to meet at least once a week with the mentor.

Student Registration (Summer, 2024)

All REYES programs are free and open to the public. Register today and encourage your friends to join us too:

REGISTER HERE for the REYES 2024 Summer Virtual Program today!

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Summer 2024 8-Week Schedule of Events

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Learn Python!

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Registrants for this class need not register for the REYES program.

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