Past Dissertations

Past Dissertations

Physics Ph.D. Degrees - Fall 2018

Gregory Affeldt
Adviser: Alessandra Lanzara
Angle-resolved Photoemission Studies of a Doped Bilayer Iridate

Thomas Barter
Adviser: Dan Stamper-Kurn
Quantum Simulation of the Bose-Hubbard Model with Ultracold Atoms in Triangular Optical Superlattices

Sinan Can
Adviser: Ahmet Yildiz
The Mechanics of Dynein Stepping and Directionality

Ting Cao
Adviser: Steven Louie
Understanding and Controlling the Optical Properties of Quasi Two-Dimensional Materials

Eric Dodds
Adviser: Michael DeWeese
Statistical learning models of sensory processing and implications of biological constraints

Parker Fagrelius
Adviser: David Schlegel and Saul Perlmutter
Addressing Challenges on the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI)

Brendan Folie
Adviser: Naomi Ginsberg
Extremely Small and Incredibly Fast: Combining Spectroscopy and Microscopy to Reveal Local Excited State Dynamics in Disordered Semiconductors

Nicholas Harrington
Adviser: William Holzapfel
Constraints on Short Lived Signals at 150 GHz

Ian Hayes
Adviser: James Analytis
Extending the Strange Metal Phenomenology of High-Tc Superconductors With High Magnetic Fields

Matthew Jaffe
Adviser: Holger Mueller
Atom interferometry in an optical cavity

Katayun Kamdin
Adviser: Peter Sorensen and Daniel Mckinsey
A Search for Lightly Ionizing Particles in the LUX Detector and Research and Development For Future Liquid Xenon Time Projection Chambers

Eugene Kur
Adviser: Robert Littlejohn
Multisymplectic Geometry with Boundaries

Ramon Ruiz Ramos
Adviser: James Analytis
Study of three dimensional Kiatev Honeycomb materials

Eric Thewalt
Adviser: Joseph Orenstein
Mapping nematic order in BaFe2(As,P)2

Shudan Zhong
Adviser: Joel Moore
Linear and Nonlinear Electromagnetic Responses in Topological Semimetals


Physics Ph.D. Degrees - Summer 2018

Christopher Benson
Adviser: Gabriel Orebi Gann
Using MiniCLEAN and measurements of microphysical material properties in the vacuum ultraviolet regime to inform next-generation dark matter and neutrino detectors

Celeste Carruth
Adviser: Joel Fajans
Methods for plasma stabilization and control to improve antihydrogen production

Michael Blake Cole
Adviser: Nir Yosef and Mike DeWeese
Quantifying Reproducibility and Bias in Single-Cell Sequencing Analyses of Human Immunity

Christian Daniel Freeman
Adviser: K. Birgitta Whaley and Joel Moore
The Toric Code at Finite Temperature

Michael Girard
Adviser: Christian Bauer and Yasunori Nomura
Towards Precision Standard Model Calculations

Nathan C. Haouzi
Adviser: Mina Aganagic
Aspects of Supersymmetric Surface Defects

Daniel Hogan
Adviser: Robert Jacobsen
Techniques for Inelastic Effective Field Theory Measurements with the Large Underground Xenon Experiment

Catherine Mia Ihm
Adviser: Robert Jacobsen
Through-going Muons in the LUX Dark Matter Search

Carolyn Kierans
Adviser: Steven Boggs and Stuart Bale
Detection of the 511 keV positron annihilation line with the Compton Spectrometer and Imager

Jonathan Kohler
Adviser: Dan Stamper-Kurn
Optodynamical Measurement and Coupling of Atomic Motion and Spin

Shreyas Ganesh Patankar
Adviser: Joseph Orenstein
Nonlinear optical properties and spectroscopy of Weyl semimetals

Fabio H. Iunes Sanches
Adviser: Yasunori Nomura
Locality in Gravity

Chenghui Yu
Adviser: Holger Muller
Measuring the fine structure constant with a state-of-the-art atom interferometer


Physics Ph.D. Degrees - Spring 2018

Alexander Grant Anderson
Adviser: Bruno Olshausen and Mike DeWeese
Noise, Quantization, and Priors in Neural Networks

Bradford Alan Barker
Adviser: Steven Louie
Electronic and Optical Properties of Solids with Strong Spin-Orbit Coupling

Janos Botyanszki
Adviser: Daniel Kasen
Multidimensional Late-Time Modeling of Type Ia Supernova Spectra

Kayleigh Cassella
Adviser: Holger Mueller
Hot Beats and Tune Outs: Atom Interferometry with Laser-cooled Lithium

Ariel Jozef Cukierman
Adviser: Adrian Lee
Multiscale multichroic focal planes for measurements of the cosmic microwave background

Alexey Drobizhev
Adviser: Yury Kolomensky
Searching for the 0νββ Decay of 130Te with the Ton-Scale CUORE Bolometer Array

Matti Gralka
Adviser: Oskar Hallatschek
Evolutionary dynamics in microbial colonies

Hilary Catherine Jacks
Adviser: Frances Hellman
Identifying Structures Responsible for Two-Level Systems in Amorphous Silicon

Byungmin Kang
Adviser: Joel Moore
Topological phases of matter in low dimensions with and without disorder

Antony Ann-Tzer Lee
Adviser: Carlos Bustamante
Improving the resolution and accuracy of optical tweezers through algorithmic and instrumental advances

Mudassir Moosa
Adviser: Raphael Bousso
Entanglement, Complexity, and Holography

Benjamin Charles Ponedel
Adviser: Edgar Knobloch
Localized States in Dissipative Systems with Spatially Periodic Modulation

Alison Marie-Anne Saunders
Adviser: Tilo Doeppner and Roger Falcone
Using X-ray Thomson Scattering to Measure Plasma Conditions in Warm Dense Matter Experiments on the OMEGA Laser

Tess Eleonora Smidt
Adviser: Jeffrey Neaton
Toward the Systematic Design of Complex Materials from Structural Motifs

Lokman Tsui
Adviser: Dung-Hai Lee
Topological Phase Transitions