Past Dissertations

Past Dissertations

Physics Ph.D. Degrees - Fall 2020

Samantha Dixon
Adviser: Saul Perlmutter
Using Empirical Models of Type Ia Supernovae to Prepare for Next-Generation Cosmological Measurements

Jeffrey Epstein
Adviser: Kranthi Kiran Mandadapu and Oskar Hallatschek
Statistical Mechanics and Hydrodynamics of Active Fluids

Justin Gerber
Adviser: Dan Stamper-Kurn
Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics with a Locally Addressable Quantum Gas

Charles Hill
Adviser: Adrian Lee
Sensitivity Simulations and Half-wave Plate Polarization Modulators for Cosmic Microwave Background Observatories

Robert Kealhofer
Adviser: James Analitis
Paths to interacting topological semimetals

Tsz Him Leung
Adviser: Dan Stamper-Kurn
Interacting Ultracold Bosonic Atoms in Geometrically Frustrated Lattices

Sylvia Lewin
Adviser: James Analitis
Symmetry-specific probes of strongly correlated materials: Angle-dependent magnetoresistance and resonant ultrasound spectroscopy

Chiu-Yun Lin
Adviser: Alessandra Lanzara
Symmetry-Controlled Spin Entanglement in Quantum Materials

Tairu Lyu
Adviser: Feng Wang
Dirac Fluid Physics in Monolayer Graphene

Thomas Mittiga
Adviser: Norman Yao
Sensing the local charge and strain environments surrounding Nitrogen-Vacancy centers in diamond

Meng Wu
Adviser: Steven Louie
Spin-Orbit Coupling, Broken Time-Reversal Symmetry, and Polarizability Self-Consistency in GW and GW-BSE Theory with Applications to Two-Dimensional Materials

Victoria Xu
Adviser: Holger Mueller
Lattice atom interferometry in an optical cavity

Song Zhang
Adviser: Irfan Siddiqi and K Whaley
Measurement-based quantum feedback controls for quantum computation

Weicheng Zhong
Adviser: Holger Mueller
Precision measurement of the fine-structure constant with atom interferometry

Physics Ph.D. Degrees - Summer 2020

William Berdanier
Adviser: Joel Moore 
Universality in Non-Equilibrium Quantum Systems

Vir Bulchandani
Adviser: Joel Moore 
Hydrodynamics of Integrable and Near-Integrable Quantum Systems

Yi Chen
Adviser: Michael Crommie 
Many-Body Ground States in Single-Layer Transition Metal Dichalcogenides

Elizabeth Hanson
Adviser: Stuart Bale 
Multi-Spacecraft Observations of Collisionless Shocks in the Heliosphere

John Mark Kreikebaum
Adviser: Irfan Siddiqi 
Superconducting Qubit Enabled Single Microwave Photon Detection

Robert Mcgehee
Adviser: Hitoshi Murayama 
Discoverable Matter: an Optimist’s View of Dark Matter and How to Find It

Chirag Modi
Adviser: Uros Seljak 
Reconstruction of Cosmological Fields in Forward Model Framework

Daniel Parker
Adviser: Joel Moore 
Local Operators and Quantum Chaos

Pratik Rath
Adviser: Yasunori Nomura 
Aspects of Holography And Quantum Error Correction

Arvin Shahbazi Moghaddam
Adviser: Raphael Bousso 
Aspects of Generalized Entropy And Quantum Null Energy Condition

Adam Stooke
Adviser: Pieter Abbeel and Michael DeWeese 
Advancements in Deep Reinforcement Learning: Algorithms and Implementations

Haoyu Sun
Adviser: Ori Ganor 
Number Theory in 3d Gravity and from 4d Gauge Theory

Physics Ph.D. Degrees - Spring 2020

Simca Bouma
Adviser: Frances Hellman
Non-Collinear Magnetism and Magnetotransport in Amorphous Transition Metal-Germanium Thin Films

Thomas Darlington
Adviser: Feng Wang and Peter Schuck 
Localization of Excitons due to Inhomogeneous Nanoscopic Strain in Monolayer Transition Metal Dichalcogenides investigated by nano-PL and nano-Raman Microscopies

Jennet Dickinson
Adviser: Marjorie Shapiro 
ATLAS Measurements of the Higgs Boson Coupling to the Top Quark in the Higgs to Diphoton Decay Channel

Yasin Ezber
Adviser: Ahmet Yildiz
Dynein Harnesses Active Fluctuations of Microtubules for Faster Movement

Yuan Sheng Fang
Adviser: Michael DeWeese 
Stochastic Analog Computation for Machine Learning

Ryan Janish
Adviser: Surjeet Rajendran and Lawrence Hall 
Supernovae as Dark Matter Signals

Elpida Kitanidis
Adviser: Martin White
Cosmic Cartography: Mapping the Universe for Next-Generation Dark Energy Voyages

Arielle Little
Adviser: Joseph Orenstein 
Symmetry-Sensitive Optical Probes of Quantum Antiferromagnets

Vijay Narayan
Adviser: Surjeet Rajendran and Lawrence Hall 
New Frontiers for Physics Beyond the Standard Model

Jihwan Oh
Adviser: Ori Ganor
Line defects in 5d gauge theories

Abigail Polin
Adviser: Peter Nugent and Daniel Kasen 
Pushing the Helium Envelope: Signatures of Normal and Unusual Supernovae from Sub-Chandrasekhar Mass White Dwarf Explosions

Christian Schmid
Adviser: Mina Aganagic 
Little String Defects and Nilpotent Orbits

Sheng Wang
Adviser: Feng Wang
Probing Luttinger Liquid Plasmons in Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes

Physics Ph.D. Degrees - Fall 2019

Halleh Balch
Adviser: Feng Wang
Optical Investigations of Intermolecular Electron Dynamics in Low Dimensional Materials

Eric Copenhaver
Adviser: Holger Mueller 
Tune-out measurement in lukewarm lithium with phase-patterned atom interferometry

Blagoje Djordjevic
Adviser: Stuart Bale and Carl Schroeder 
Interaction of Higher-Order Laser Modes with Underdense Plasmas

Fang Fang
Adviser: Dan Stamper-Kurn 
Explorations of spin excitations and dynamics in homonuclear and heteronuclear spin-1 atomic gases

Stephen Matthew Gilbert
Adviser: Alex Zettl 
Two-Dimensional Boron Nitride and Related Materials: Synthesis, Vacancy Formation, and Applications for Nanopores and Nanomachines

Benjamin Horowitz
Adviser: Uros Seljak 
Optimal Reconstruction of Cosmological Density Fields

Eric Hunter
Adviser: Joel Fajans 
Cavity and Microwave Experiments on Electron Plasma

Sean Lourette
Adviser: Dmitry Budker 
Magnetometry and Imaging with Nitrogen Vacancy Centers in Diamond

Stephanie Mack
Adviser: Jeffrey Neaton
Manipulating Materials: Electronic and Topological Properties of Chemically and Structurally Complex Materials

Nityan Nair
Adviser: James Analitis 
An Exploration of Quantum Materials: From Topological Semimetals to Antiferromagnetic Memory

Chin Ong
Adviser: Steven Louie 
Electronic and Optical Properties of Materials for Energy-Related Applications

Nicholas Salzetta
Adviser: Yasunori Nomura 
Holography beyond AdS/CFT

Brian Shevitski
Adviser: Alex Zettl and Shaul Aloni 
Hyperspectral Imaging and Machine Learning for Nanomaterials Characterization

Physics Ph.D. Degrees - Summer 2019

Christopher Akers 
Adviser: Raphael Bousso
Entanglement and Geometry 

Brian Amadio
Adviser: Marjorie Shapiro
A search for new physics in multijet final states of pp collisions at √s = 13 TeV  using the ATLAS detector at the Large Hadron Collider

Kyle Boone
Adviser: Saul Perlmutter
Improving Cosmological Distance Measurements with Type Ia Supernovae: From Pixels to Dark Energy

Steven Drapcho 
Adviser: Feng Wang
Optical Studies of Electron-Phonon Interactions in Two-Dimensional and One-Dimensional Materials

Emily Duffield 
Adviser: Marjorie Shapiro
Observation of the electroweak production of two W  bosons with the same electric charge in association with two jets in pp collisions at √s =13 TeV with the ATLAS detector

Neil Goeckner-wald
Adviser: Adrian Lee
A Measurement of the Degree Scale B-mode CMB Angular Power Spectrum from the Polarbear Experiment

Illan Halpern 
Adviser: Raphael Bousso
Information in, on, and from the Spacetime 

Adam Levine 
Adviser: Raphael Bousso
Energy and Entropy in Quantum Field Theories

Zhenglu Li
Adviser: Steven Louie 
Electron-Phonon Coupling from GW Perturbation Theory and Electronic and Magnetic Properties of Novel Two-Dimensional Materials

Leigh Martin 
Adviser: K. Birgitta Whaley and Irfan Siddiqi
Quantum feedback for measurement and control 

Sean O'Kelley 
Adviser: John Clarke
The Microstrip SQUID Amplier in the Axion Dark Matter eXperiment (ADMX)  

Ionut Dragos Potirniche
Adviser: Ehud Altman
Many-Body Quantum Dynamics and Non-Equilibrium Phases of Matter

Vinay Ramasesh 
Adviser: Irfan Siddiqi
Quantum Simulation with Superconducting Circuits

Sean Ressler 
Adviser: Eliot Quataert
Towards More Predictive Models of Galactic Center Accretion

Daniel Rizzo
Adviser: Michael Crommie
Tailoring the Local Electronic Structure of Bottom-Up-Synthesized Low-Dimensional Organic Nanostructures

Clio Sleator
Adviser: Steven Boggs and Stuart Bale
Measuring the polarization of compact objects with the Compton Spectrometer and Imager

Aaron Szasz
Adviser: Joel Moore
Transport and topology in strongly correlated two-dimensional systems, using techniques from one dimension

Alex Takeda
Adviser: Vivek Shende and Mina Aganagic
Developments in the mathematics of the A-model: constructing Calabi-Yau structures and stability conditions on target categories

Yuguang Tong
Adviser: Stuart Bale
Electron-Scale Processes in the Solar Wind and Magnetosphere

Physics Ph.D. Degrees - Spring 2019

Trevor Bowen
Adviser: Stuart Bale
Observational Signatures of Nonlinear Interactions in the Solar Wind 

Chien-I Chiang
Adviser: Hitoshi Murayama
The Accelerating Universe, the Landscape, and the Swampland 

Nicolas Ferland
Adviser: Christian Bauer and Lawrence Hall
Study of large electroweak logarithms at high energy in collider experiments

Trinity Joshi
Adviser: Michael Crommie
Local Probe Analysis of the Structural, Electronic, and Optical Properties of Nanomaterials

Benjamin Land 
Adviser: Gabriel Orebi Gann
Past, Present, and Future of Solar Neutrino Detection: SNO, SNO+, and Theia 

Ka Hei Leung
Adviser: Mary K Gaillard
On Super Heat Kernel and One Loop Divergence in Conformal Supergravity 

Zahra Pedramrazi
Adviser: Michael Crommie
Manipulating 1D Conduction Channels; from Molecular Geometry to 2D Topology 

Paul Riggins
Adviser: Surjeet Rajendran
New Probes of Axions and Ultra-Heavy Dark Matter

Niklas Roschewsky 
Adviser: Sayeef Salahuddin and Frances Hellman
Spin-Orbit Torques in Ferrimagnets and Topological Insulators 

Kelly Swanson
Adviser: Wim Leemans and Marjorie Shapiro
Injection and Plasma Waveguides for Multi-Stage Laser Plasma Acceleration

Erik Urban
Adviser: Hartmut Haeffner
Implementation of a Rotationally Symmetric Ring Ion Trap and Coherent Control of Rotational States