Tutoring in physics is available. The following are a few resources:

Peer-Led Physics Group Study Sessions

Study group sessions staffed by qualified undergraduate students for many physics courses.  See the following list for the dates, times and locations.

Physics 5A
Charlie Cummings: Monday 6PM - 8PM
375 LeConte

Physics 137A
Tim Guo
Tuesday 9:30AM - 10:30AM in 397 LeConte
Thursday 9:30AM - 11AM in 325 LeConte

Physics 137B
Charles Li: Monday & Wednesday 1PM - 2:30PM
395 LeConte

Residence Hall Tutoring

Undergraduate Dorms for students living in the residence halls, Housing and Dining Services provides free drop in tutoring for residents.

Private Physics Tutoring

Explore our list of private tutors

Student Learning Center

The Student Learning Center offers drop in hours for physics tutoring. They provide special study sections for physics 8A and Physics 8B ("Introductory Physics") students. The Student Learning Center is located in lower Sproul Plaza:

University of California at Berkeley
Academic Partnership for Excellence (APEX)
198 Cesar Chavez Student Center #4220
Tutorial Services
Berkeley, CA 94720