Professor Yury Kolomensky in the lab with postdoc
Name Job title Department Role Research interests
Yu-Hsuan Eugene Lin Graduate Student
Yu-Ping Lin Post Doc

Condensed Matter Physics and Materials ScienceAtomic, Molecular & Optical Physics

Franklin Liou Graduate Student
James Little Lecture Demo Technician Staff
Robert Littlejohn Professor Emeritus Faculty

Plasma And Nonlinear DynamicsAtomic, Molecular and Optical Physics

Alwina Liu Graduate Student
Jia Liu Post Doc
Rui Han Henry Liu Graduate Student
Vincent Liu Graduate Student
Gordon W. Long Principal Lab Mechanician Staff
Luke Long Graduate Student
Jesse Lopez Student Shop Instructor, Principal Lab Mechanician Staff
Steven Louie Professor Emeritus of the Graduate School Faculty

Condensed Matter Physics And Materials Science

Nathan Lowhorn Lecturer Lecturer
Marie Lu Graduate Student
Yi-Chuan Lu Graduate Student
Yuehui Leon Lu Graduate Student
Kam-Biu Luk Professor Emeritus and Professor of the Graduate School Faculty

Particle Physics

Xudong Lv Post Doc
Yang Lyu Graduate Student

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