Memories of Professor Buford Price

Professor Buford Price

"I was incredibly fortunate to have Buford as my PhD thesis advisor. Buford was extraordinarily supportive of me, as he was of all of his students. I cherish my memories of our daily walks across campus from the third floor of Birge to Café Strada, where we would talk over cappuccinos about crazy and not-so-crazy ideas. Many successful projects came out of these daily conversations. 

Any accomplished person has many parents, not just their biological ones. For my own accomplishments, Buford was an incredible academic parent and mentor, for which I will always be grateful."

~Andrew Westphal

Following in Buford's footsteps

"As the Director of the Space Sciences Laboratory, Buford supported my efforts in building theoretical astrophysics at Berkeley and encouraged me to become involved in the management of the Laboratory. When he stepped down from that position, I took over, which broadened my experience enormously. Buford subsequently became Chair of the Physics Department, and again I later followed in his footsteps. He was a very successful Dean of Physical Sciences, but in that case I followed him only part way, as an Interim Dean. Buford was a man of great charm and infectious enthusiasm who left his imprint on Berkeley, and he will be greatly missed."

~Chris McKee

Thank you Buford - RIP

"I have just read the very sad news and would like to share my memories here. When I was an undergraduate student at TH Darmstadt in Germany back in 1993, Buford made it possible for me to join his group (Eric, Dan, Michael) at UC Berkeley. This was an exceptional experience both as a young physicist and for my future career. I am very grateful that I had the privilege to know this great, gentle man -  will never forget the „La Strada“ meetings. Buford had a great impact on my life. My condolences to his family. Maybe there will be a chance to share memories with you when some time has passed."

~Dr. Frank Schlichting, Berlin, Germany

Remembering P. Buford Price

"I was privileged to interact with Professor Price in two particular ways that will stay with me as a treasured memory. First, he genuinely supported early efforts to engage Berkeley scientists with public audiences. Over the years, he presented a number of public talks, with a personal style that made his research vivid and inspiring. Second, his office was just down the corridor from mine, and his door was always open. My habit was to pass by in the morning, en route to my office, to say hello. There was no better way to start the day than with a greeting and smile from Buford. In addition to his great accomplishments in science, he leaves a legacy of an exceptionally gracious and considerate person. My heartfelt condolences to his family."

~Rachel Winheld