Experimental Demonstration of Continuous Quantum Error Correction

Experimental Demonstration of Continuous Quantum Error Correction
April 8, 2022
Monday, April 18, 2022

Join us for the Physics Condensed Matter Seminar at 3:00 pm -3:30 pm
Title: Experimental demonstration of continuous quantum error correction

Given the inherent fragility of quantum systems, quantum error correction (QEC) promises to be a powerful tool in performing quantum computations. QEC traditionally consists of discrete rounds of error detection, where errors are detected using entangling gates and projective measurement. However, physical measurements consist of finite coupling strengths and are inherently continuous rather than instantaneously projective. By constructing direct parity measurements of superconducting qubits, we implement a QEC protocol using the continuous nature of measurement. We constantly monitor the system for bit-flip errors and actively correct them when detected. 

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Location: 3 Physics North

Speaker: William Livingston

Affiliatioin: UCB