Thank You Chair Haxton!

Thank You Chair Haxton
July 30, 2020
Tuesday, June 30, 2020 to Wednesday, July 1, 2020

As of June 30, Wick Haxton will step down as Chair of Physics to return to his research in Astrophysics, Nuclear, and Particle Physics. He will leave us in the capable hands of Professor Jonathan Wurtele, who will continue as Summer Chair as of July 1.

A note from Summer Chair and Vice-Chair of Instruction Jonathan Wurtele

"On behalf of the Department, I want to thank Wick for his three successful years of service. I have seen firsthand how hard Wick has worked and, more importantly, how effective he has been. 

Under Wick’s leadership, the Department has prospered. We have added wonderful new faculty, rebuilt and strengthened our Departmental staff, and introduced new educational programs. 

I have learned a lot from Wick during my two years as Vice-Chair, and especially during the past tumultuous five months. At a future date, we will properly celebrate, together, Wick's service and multiple achievements as Chair. 

On top of all of his work as Chair, Wick led a successful proposal for a major center. He will now lead that Center, and we look forward to helping him make it a resounding success.

I know this is not a typical summer, nor will it be a typical Fall. The campus and the Physics community face numerous challenges. Still, I am confident that we will succeed in advancing our shared goals. This confidence comes from having seen how all of you pulled together during the Spring and did more than was expected of you in difficult circumstances. We will continue to do so".