Geoff Penington

Job title: 
Assistant Professor

Geoff Penington received his BA+MMath in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University in 2015, and his PhD in Physics, with Patrick Hayden, from Stanford University in 2020. He joined UC Berkeley in July 2020.

Research Interests

My research focuses on using ideas from the theory behind quantum computers (and, more generally, quantum information) in order to make progress in our understanding of the quantum mechanics of gravity. In particular, I have recently been working on understanding how the information that falls into a black hole ends up being encoded in the Hawking radiation left behind after the black hole evaporates.


P. Hayden and G. Penington. "Approximate quantum error correction revisited: introducing the alpha-bit." Comm. Math. Phys. 374.2:369-432 (2020). arXiv:1706.09434.

P. Hayden and G. Penington. “Learning the alpha-bits of black holes." JHEP 2019.12 (2019). arXiv:1807.06041.

G. Penington. "Entanglement wedge reconstruction and the information paradox." arXiv:1905.08255.

G. Penington, S. Shenker, D. Stanford and Z. Yang. “Replica wormholes and the black hole interior.” arXiv:1911.11977.

Research interests: