Name Job title Role
Ofri Telem Post Doc
Mae Teo Unit 18 Lecturer Lecturer
Samantha Teplitzky Earth and Physical Sciences Librarian Staff
Natalie Thung Lab Operational Manager Staff
Ryan Tollefsen Graduate Student
Claudia Trujillo Director of Student Services Staff
Hsin Zon Tsai Post Doc
Mykhaylo Usatyuk Graduate Student
Carlo Varni Post Doc
Vetri Velan Graduate Student
Nicolas Verschueren Van Rees Post Doc
Kenneth Vetter Graduate Student
Michael Villarreal Circulation/Reserves Supervisor Staff
Jean-Loup Ville Post Doc
Anthony Vitan Facilities and Operations Manager Staff
Johannes Wagner Graduate Student
Kevin Wang Graduate Student
Feng Wang Professor Faculty
Haichen Wang Assistant Professor Faculty
Lark Wang Graduate Student