Halleh Balch


Halleh B. Balch holds a PhD in Physics from the University of California Berkeley advised by Feng Wang and funded by the NSF GRFP. She received her undergraduate degree in Physics and Literature from Swarthmore College.

Research Interests

I study how long-range behavior emerges from the interactions of electrons at molecular length scales. From photosynthesis to bioelectricity, the flow of charge and energy at the nanoscale plays a central role throughout the natural world. My PhD research uses light to probe, control, and image electronic behavior at the nanoscale in both biologically-relevant and synthetically designed materials. In addition to advancing our basic scientific understanding, control over fundamental electronic behavior enables the development of functional materials and the invention of new technologies. To study these systems, I develop new techniques and use a wide range of imaging, optical spectroscopy, and scanning probe tools that leverage X-ray to infrared wavelengths, polarization control, and high spatiotemporal resolution.