Roia Ferrazares

Office: 366 Physics North
Main: (510) 642-0568
Unit: Academic Office

Job title: 
Director of Administration

Roia Ferrazares joined the Department as Director of Administration in March of 2020. Before joining Physics Roia served as Assistant Dean of the School of Journalism from January 2013 to February 2020.

At UC Berkeley, Roia has also held the position of Manager for the Dean's Office of the College of Letters and Science for four years and Manager for the Department of Music for two years. Before joining UC Berkeley in 2006, she spent 5 years working at Mills College in Oakland where she coordinated the Public Policy Program and handled recruitment for the School of Business.

Roia has experience in community organizing and public policy. At Cal, she was Chair of the Chancellor’s Staff Advisory Committee from 2010 to 2014 and was appointed as the staff representative to the Chancellor’s Operation Excellence Steering Committee in 2009.

Roia has a Bachelor’s Degree from UC Santa Cruz and has completed graduate work in public policy at Mills College. She has completed training in meeting facilitation, financial management, and statistical analysis. She is also a graduate of the City of Berkeley Chamber of Commerce Leadership Program.

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